Flexible Exercise Regimes : Alternative Activities to Improve Your Yoga Prowess

Yoga is a practice that incorporates all sorts of techniques and specialisms. To become a successful yogi, you need stamina, determination, flexibility, rhythm, and concentration, to name just a few different traits.

However, practicing yoga isn’t the only way to develop these skills. There are alternative forms of exercise that you can try out that will develop these necessary skills in different settings and contexts.

So, here are a few to try out. Not only will they mix up your exercise regime a little, but they will also benefit your overall health and yoga prowess.

flexible exercise regimes

flexible exercise regimes

Flexible Exercise Regimes : Meditation

Meditation has a symbiotic relationship with yoga practice. Often, the two tend to go hand in hand. So, if you practice yoga, but have never tried out meditation, it may well be time to give it a go.

Meditation involves a whole lot more than sitting still for a few minutes. If you are just starting out, try out guided meditation. There are likely to be real-life classes nearby, or you can try out one of a whole host of different youtube or online tutorials that are available to you.

Don’t rush your efforts, as meditation is difficult to get the hang of. Once you’ve mastered it, however, you will see how it benefits your yoga practice, as it makes you more aware of your breathing, posture, and concentration.

flexible exercise regimes

flexible exercise regimes

Flexible Exercise Regimes : Dance

Yoga and dance have more in common than you may think. Both incorporate expression and creativity while honoring the importance of form and posture. Consequently, both practices can complement one another.

As someone well practiced in yoga, you may well be used to the confines of the mat, but dance will allow you to add movement to your different poses and stances, transporting them across a larger space. Your range of flexibility will allow you to take more naturally to certain dance movements and poses. It’s likely that you’ll be a natural. So, where to start?

Check out dancing classes in your local area and head along to a session to see how you like it. There are seemingly endless yoga poses, and similarly, there are seemingly endless forms of dance.

So try out a wide variety before settling on a firm favorite. Who knows, you may start out considering ballroom, only to find that you have an insatiable appetite for salsa or rumba.

flexible exercise regimes

flexible exercise regimes

Flexible Exercise Regimes : Weights

Yoga may not seem like a form of exercise that would go hand in hand with doing weights, but the sheer strength that you need to maintain poses for extended periods of time means that doing weights to improve muscle tone is an extremely good idea.

So, before you dive head first into efforts of scorpion handstands and other inversion poses, you might like to get the kettle bells, and hand held weights out. Try out exercises like kettlebell swings, push presses, and goblet squats.

These alternative forms of exercise will greatly aid your yoga practice, increasing your flexibility, balance, strength, and concentration. Try them out, and your poses will improve drastically.

flexible exercise regimes

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flexible exercise regimes

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