Most home lovers want to make their home feel bigger even if they can’t move to a bigger property. Do you dream of living in a bigger property? You’re not alone.

However, the thought (and cost) of relocating to a larger house probably won’t appeal. Thankfully, there is an alternative: maximising the potential of your current home to make your home feel bigger.

It may sound like a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve been unhappy with your surroundings for a long time. Whether you have a big budget or not, the following advice should help transform your living situation forever.

How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger… and Better!

  • Utilise Every Room. A lot of homeowners moan that their homes no longer satisfy their needs but then fail to use the space that they have. Transforming the basement or attic can provide your family with a whole new living space. Likewise, redesigning the guest room into an office or something that you can use daily will add great value to your life. Finally, if your home is blessed with a garden, it’s vital that you unlock its full potential. Building a deck or patio is the perfect solution.
  • Declutter. Even the largest property will feel a little underwhelming if it is crowded with too many items. This is the perfect opportunity to go through the home and sell any products that are no longer needed. Self-storage can be used as a cost-effective way to protect items that are needed but not frequently used. Visit to learn more. Further steps to claw back floor space include using shelves and TV wall brackets instead of bulky furniture. For the best results, be sure to keep it clean by implementing a suitable strategy.
  • Let There Be Light. Increased natural lighting can instantly make a property look bigger and brighter. Dressing the windows to increase the levels will make a huge impact. Lighter colour schemes can take the rewards to even greater heights. Painting the walls is the easiest way to make this happen. However, you may also wish to consider new flooring choices or the strategic placement of mirrors. One way or another, this can really open up the space to enhance your relationship with the home.
  • Go Open Plan. If you do not have the funds to increase the dimensions with an extension, you must learn to make the current space work harder. Removing an internal wall to create an open plan area can work very well. Check out to discover how. It is an especially useful step for connecting the lounge, dining room, and kitchen. Another option is to use a serving hatch from the kitchen to the living spaces. Meanwhile, the installation of sliding doors to the backyard can be very useful. 
  • Make Smarter Furniture Choices. As mentioned, using shelves and other features to make better use of the walls is a great starting point. Additional rewards can be felt by using retractable furniture or items that offer multiple functions. If you aren’t going open plan, pocket doors on sliding tracks are better than traditional swinging doors. If possible, you should look for added storage space under the stairs or in alcoves. The individual tasks may not make a huge impact but their cumulative influence is huge.

Do all of the above to make your home feel bigger and better than ever before. You’ve got this!

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