She’s the fit busy mum who gained her personal training qualifications when she was just 15 years old. Rosemary Marchese’s life has been crammed with fitness, tennis, physiotherapy, pilates, creating workout program for institutes that qualify personal trainers, blogging, international speaking, and helping people more easily lead healthier lives

After leaving school, Rosemary qualified as a physiotherapist because she wanted to work in fitness and help people with their health. Fitness was second nature to her, but not so much for many of the people with whom she came into contact.

As a Mum of three, Rosemary was constantly asked by other mums how they could lose weight and fit working out into their busy lives. Over a decade ago, Rosemary wrote her first book ‘The Essential Guide to Fitness’ for the industry. Working at the ‘back end’ of the industry, Rosemary was able to consult and advise. She rewrote the fitness standards for Australia and also a pregnancy exercise positions guide.

Rosemary says she’s a typical suburban Mum so she wrote ‘The Fit Busy Mum’ particularly for that target audience. She says she was motivated to write the book by the mums around her and the research she did with mums in writing the book. There are so many options for Mums now, says Rosemary, because work and lifestyles offer opportunities that were not available decades ago.

The Fit Busy Mum – seven habits for success – details easy ways to change your habits, exercise suggestions even if you just have five minutes, ways to sneakily incorporate movement into your day, why you shouldn’t feel guilty about exercise, and great ways to plan family meals a week in advance.

If you are looking for sensible ways to get fit, plan your health and meals better, and be a fit busy mum then you’ll love this interview.



Rosemary Marchese : The Fit Busy Mum

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