Feeling youthful really is a state of mind. They say 50 is the new 30; well YIPPEE to that. Yes, you CAN re-visit those youthful days of the past.

Some people say you embark on your greatest period of self-growth from the ages of  18-30. However, I’d argue that being over 30 wins out. This is usually the decade when people become more honest with themselves and comfortable in their own skin; which is the basis for feeling youthful.

By the time you hit 40 many unresolved issues are either quietly accepted or worked out without fear.  It’s also a time when young children are growing up giving you a sense of acheivement, and a bit more independence.

feeling youthful

However, it can also be the time when women feel less self-confident about their looks, especially when they feel more nervous about trying to wear the same clothes that used to be worn without a second thought.

If this sounds like you, it might be worth reclaiming your confidence and finding the clothes you truly want to wear. This guide will help you with feeling youthful. Regain your youthful appearance to match your youthful attitudes and buoyant personality.

Feelin Youthful Again With A Few Good Tips

Wear Light Clothing

In Spring and Summer, allow your skin to feel the warm breeze and sunlight. In fact, a little Vitamin D from the sun each day is recommended. Wearing beautiful, light clothing will help you feel airy and ethereal.

Finding the most beautiful cotton dresses for women will help you attend any parties or social events that you have with excitement. Not only that, but the breathable fabrics will help you feel much less ‘withdrawn,’ which is a real feeling you can have when wearing multiple layers to hide your insecurities.

feeling youthful

Fashion Design by Carolyn Witford, Baz Inc

It’s likely that the insecurities you have are all in your mind, to begin with. Study people for more than five seconds, and you’ll realize that no one is perfect, but they make their strengths work for them.

Allow yourself to do the same, and capitalize on your strengths.


feeling youthful

Fashion design by Carolyn Whitford, Baz Inc

Update Your Wardrobe

When we get over 40, it’s likely that we have a cupboard filled with clothing collected over the years. Sometimes it’s difficult to throw anything out through sentimental value or the ‘I’ll wear it someday’ attitude.

Don’t be afraid to throw out your old items in exchange for the new. Budgeting and setting a season for when you completely renew your wardrobe can help you feel more relevant and trendy.

feeling youthful

Fashion design by Carolyn Whitford, Baz Inc

This helps with confidence and your feeling of youth to a tremendous degree. You should always aim to feel updated and understanding of the fashion zeitgeist, because it means that you feel connected to the world around you.

It will help you feel young, relevant and beautiful, which is again something you absolutely are.


feeling youthful

Total Makeover

Sometimes the only way to overcome the cobwebs that accumulate over time will be to experience a full and total makeover.

Heading to a salon or beautician and politely asking them to up-date your look can help you feel reborn. Obviously, you are more than able to help guide them in the areas that you’d like. Sometimes a hairstyle you’ve seen online or a blog post you’ve read here might inspire you to go in a certain style direction.

Qualified professionals will help you understand if this is achievable for you, or even if it is necessary and up to date with the times.

Why not combine this with a spa day or deep tissue massage? If you’re on the road to a new personality purchase a gym subscription and dive into your new life with greater energy.


feeling youthful

Rosemary Marchese, author of The Fit Busy Mum

Fitting Clothes

You will be surprised at how well-fitted clothes can make you seem fashionable. Sometimes, it won’t even require that you invest in a whole new wardrobe.

Taking your most favorite personal clothing items to a tailor and having them fitted to your current body type, and even future body types if getting into the gyming schedule will help you achieve this.

This can often come out to a fraction of the price of a new clothing item. If you have items from your youth, which are often sought out these days as ‘retro wear’ items, you might just have a whole wealth of beautiful clothing just waiting to be worn.

feeling youthful

Fashion design by Carolyn Whitford, Baz Inc

You never know, wearing this apparel might help you regain the attitude and style you had when you were younger.

These tips, taken as they work for you, will help you find your passion for fashion and style. These are the best ways by far for feeling youthful in your mind and dress in your naughty forties and beyond. Enjoy!


feeling youthful

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feeling youthful

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