Family memories are those important, unique, and memorable occasions that create a life of happiness and well-being.

They say you never realize what you’ve got until it’s gone, and this is so true when thinking about family memories. When you’re growing up, you don’t tend to think about life that much.

Then, when you’re older, you look back at those times and wish you could be young again. You have so many amazing memories from your youthful days, and you didn’t realize how great those times were.

For me, I think it’s so important to try and preserve your memories and remind yourself of them. Especially when you start a family of your own and can create loads of new ones with your kids.

The best way to keep memories is to display in your home. You’ll see them every day, and they make great conversation topics when guests come around.

So, I thought I’d present a few ideas on how to decorate your home with family memories. Check them out here:

Baby Photos

I love baby photos, and I think anyone with children should display them with pride. I always loved looking at photos of myself as a baby, and your kids will too when they grow up. Plus, it’s just super cute to have a baby photo on the wall or mantelpiece.

These days, there are services like Proud Daddy newborn photography where you can get some seriously high-quality images. I think it’s best to get your photos taken and developed professionally, so they look better when they’re framed.

The living room is probably the best place for baby photos as guests can look at them and then you get to start a whole conversation about how cute your children are!

Family Collages

A collage is a great way to collect lots of family memories and put them all in one place. No doubt you will have a huge catalog of family photos on your camera or phone, all of which are begging to be put into a collage and hung on your wall.

The hardest part here is going through all the photos and deciding which ones will make the final cut. I think the upstairs or downstairs hallway are great locations for a collage, and the dining room isn’t bad either.


Photos aren’t the only way you can decorate your home with family memories. You can also use various awards/achievements that people in your family have won.

Many living room fireplaces are decorated with trophies and plaques that children have won in school or playing sports. You could even have your own achievements on display too.

After all, they represent an important memory in your life, and they’re great to show off. Or look at achievements in a broader sense and stick pictures your young child drew on your fridge door. It’s something they achieved, and it is a big memory too as it may be the first picture your child drew for you!

You can see how creative you can get when decorating your home with family memories. If you want to add a more homely feel to your house, then these ideas are perfect.

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