Whether to extend your home or move is the perennial question.You love the neighbourhood and it’s close to what’s important to you. But if you’ve outgrown your home, what are the options?

When a home is too cramped, it can be uncomfortable to live there. When a family outgrows its home they may choose to move to somewhere larger. However, when you lack space moving isn’t the only option – the opportunity to extend your home becomes a very real option. Whether that means adding to the side of your home, adding an extra story, or converting an area like the basement or attic, it doesn’t matter, just as long as your family gets the extra space that they need.

extend your home

If you’re unsure about how to extend your home rather than move the following reasons to renovate may help.

It will save you money

The fact is that moving house is expensive. However, if you choose to extend your home rather than moving, you will save yourself a lot of money. When it comes to moving, there are various costs to cover, which make selling up and moving somewhere new an incredibly expensive option. Although extending your home can be expensive, the fact is it’s an investment paying off when you sell in the future. You’ll need to cover the cost of materials – something for which you can get a quote by looking on a website like the George Hill Timber  – you will also need to pay contractors to complete the work for you. There are various costs to cover when you extend your home but in the long-run, it will save you money.

You can create a space that’s a good fit for you

Another benefit to extend your home rather than move is that you can create a space that’s a perfect fit for the needs of your family. You don’t need to worry about fitting yourself into a new home; you can create a space that perfectly fits what you need. You get free reign to create a home that offers you exactly what you need it to, be that extra living space, an additional bedroom, or a playroom for the kids.

extend your home

Less hassle

Then there’s the fact that extending your home is much less hassle than moving. If life is crazy busy, the last thing you want is to move to somewhere new and deal with everything that comes with it. From the packing to the deep cleaning, there’s no part of moving house that isn’t stressful. Although having work done on your home is a hassle, especially when you can’t use a certain area of it, it’s less stressful than having to move to somewhere new. There’s no packing up to worry about, no unpacking, no finding places for everything to go, there’s just some noise and dust, that’s it.

extend your home

If you have the option to extend your home, rather than moving, it’s usually the better option. Ask yourself;

  • do you love the neighborhood?
  • is your home close to important services and family?
  • do you love the home but just need more space?
  • do you have the space to extend your home out or up?
  • will you add value without over capitalising?

The fact is that extending your home is less stressful and less expensive, and allows you to create a home that’s a perfect fit for you and your family, making it the ideal choice.

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extend your home

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