My everyday accessories include two cocktail rings, one bracelet, a necklace, and no watch.

However, the everyday accessories for some people,  like dress rings or really high stilettos, are only really suitable for a few occasions. They come out for that one evening and then return to the dresser for another year to gather dust. Loved for a night, forgotten for a year.

But some accessories, you just can’t live without. They add a subtle elegance to every outfit and make you feel like you are properly dressed. These magical items add personality to every combination and channel your style with every wear.

Through every fashion season, with each reinvention and new imagination, these stalwarts of the wardrobe continue to give their all and make you look amazing.


everyday accessories

These everyday accessories are the gold dust you rely on to make each outfit pop. they bring your wardrobe together in new and different ways so that on any given day, you can find something that makes you feel good and look good too. They are the pieces that marry the old and new, the on trend and the classic to create your own unique style.

In fact, if your wardrobe could only hold those everyday accessories – I’d gamble that there are 5 particular items you couldn’t possibly live without: the scarf, the jacket, the watch, the handbag and the ring. See if you agree…

everyday accessories


There is something about adding a scarf to an outfit that just seems to work every time. It carries you through cool weather, extending the months you can feasibly leave the house without a coat and then add that extra warmth around your neck when the weather truly turns. With so many fabrics, patterns colours and textures available, you really could go to town on your scarf collection!

A good, neutral coloured scarf is perfect because it will go with the rest of your wardrobe effortlessly. Cream will always lighten an outfit and will provide a soft contrast if you choose to wear it with a black leather jacket. Wear it knotted, braided, looped or lose – whatever you go for, your scarf will look gorgeous.

 everyday accessories

A Jacket

Really, there are very few things that won’t be complemented by the right style of jacket.

Crossing the line between accessory and clothing, a leather jacket brings biker chic to any ensemble. Wear it with a floaty dress to add a hard edge or put it on over jeans and boots to channel your inner strength. On the other hand, a soft suede jacket will offer warmth and comfort that you can shrug on over a dress on cool nights out. Just watch out for any drink spillages!

Denim jackets are also well worth owning and can happily go with most outfits for a more casual ‘I just threw this on and now I look fabulous’ kind of look. You could channel the double and even triple denim looks that celebrities have been going for throughout 2017 but that really does depend on how brave you are with fashion. Push the sleeves up and layer bracelets for an end of summer festival vibe.


everyday accessories

A Watch

A watch is so much more than a timekeeper, it is probably one of the few everyday accessories you ever take off. Most of us have a watch that we rarely take off and then maybe a couple of other watches for different occasions. It has to go with everything, be robust enough to take on each day and match every outfit you throw at it.

Choosing the right watch is a real balance of different components. You need to be able to see the watch face clearly at a glance in order to tell the time quickly but you also want the watch to be the right size for your wrist. Measuring your wrist properly and then factoring in the material you want to use for the watch strap should help to eliminate some trends and bring other more suitable watches forward.

everyday accessories

A Handbag

Handbags come in every shape and size, fabric and colour so choosing just one for your wardrobe is a tough ask. An evening bag is ideal when you are creating a sophisticated look. However, it mustn’t be allowed to steal the show from your dress. Keep to a small clutch that will just about hold your phone, purse and lipstick rather than go all out on a big bag.

During the day, the opposite is true. A bigger bags means being able to hold all the things you need while you are on the go. Forget about stealing the show, this bag needs to be able to run the show! Choose a shape that fits neatly on your shoulder and won’t tug at your sleeves. If you are curvy, go for angular shapes to contrast with your body shape; tall slender ladies should go for slouch bags to exaggerate their figure.

Ideally, your bag will have studs on the bottom to protect the fabric when you put your bag down. Plus, if you really are carrying the world, a bag that holds its shape is worth its weight in gold. There’s nothing worse than putting your bag down and watching everything spill out!


everyday accessories

A Ring

An engagement or wedding ring will probably be worn every day to every occasion so it must be both beautiful enough to warrant such wear and subtle enough to go with every outfit. This is why so many men have such trouble choosing the right ring – and so many women choose their engagement ring themselves!

There are all sorts of alternatives to the traditional engagement ring, so you really can choose the perfect ring to suit you. However, you should consider that whatever you choose may be layered next to a wedding ring and possibly an eternity ring too, so anything too big might cause problems later on!

The most popular and the easiest to match to is either silver or gold with a simple diamond set in. The shape of the diamond is usually what gives it its shine as the cut reflect light back and forth for that distinctive sparkle. Because the diamond itself is clear, it will reflect any colour it is placed next to adding light and beauty effortlessly.

everyday accessories

Silver and gold are equally forgiving and will both complement lots of other colours. The important factor to consider is the other jewelry you have. If you tend to go for gold jewelry, then it makes more sense to buy a gold ring than a silver or white gold. This way all your accessories will match rather than feel at odds with each other.

Some accessories are just so versatile that you can’t live without them. These are the accessories that spend barely anytime in the wardrobe and somehow just go with everything you put them with.

Building up a collection of these everyday accessories is a great way to add diversity to your wardrobe and create the illusion that you never wear the same outfit twice. Plus, this is a much cheaper way to enjoy fashion trends than buying a completely new wardrobe every season.

With these 5 key everyday accessories, you know that you already have a foundation for a wardrobe that works for you. As fashion changes so quickly, it’s good to know that while key pieces like scarves and jackets may be reinvented and altered, what you already have will certainly pass muster on the high street. Having a steady set of accessories for everyday wear really is the best way to dress.

And good style that complements your body shape and gives you confidence never goes out of fashion.

everyday accessories

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