Even the most minimalist styles require some essential pieces of furniture and furnishings around the home.

Each of us uses furniture in different ways, though. For some, the beauty of the material and the elegance of the structure can turn a simple dresser into a work of art in the home. Some essential pieces might have no functionality whatsoever. Instead, they are there to be simply admired. Of course, each of us has those essential pieces of furniture that we can’t live without:

essential pieces

Tiled wall courtesy of Beaumont Tiles

Essential Pieces – Chairs

Sitting is pretty important for the busy career gal. After a long day at work, all you want to do is put your feet up. Sitting on the floor just isn’t the same. You’ll probably end up with numb glutes!

But a leather recliner, complete with massage function might be exactly what you want. Of course, as an essential item, a chair can be used for dining, for reading, for crafting and creating or simply just sitting.

essential pieces

Essential Pieces – Beds

What do we turn to when sitting isn’t enough? The bed might even be your first port of call after work, especially if you work shifts in your job. A bed is essential for restful, quality sleep.

The bedroom decor supports this, and you dress the bed to match. It’s also a great place to lounge and watch TV or chat with a friend while you’re on the phone. Unfortunately, beds only benefit your posture when you’re lying down, so don’t give up on the humble chair just yet.

essential pieces

Essential Pieces – Tables

Where would we be without a table? We wouldn’t be able to pen that bestseller or write out that invoice. What would we lean on to sign it? Then, of course, we need a gorgeous dining table for all those chic dinner parties we hold! Where can our guests put their coffee?

Tables come in all shapes and sizes for all purposes. They also come in a wide range of materials, so don’t restrict yourself to wood. High gloss plastics and concrete tables have become very popular lately. Pick for the look, love for the touch.

essential pieces

Essential Pieces – Cupboards

Cupboards are functional and practical in every way. They don’t have to look good, but why would you buy a cupboard that doesn’t? In the kitchen and bathroom, the cupboards are matching and fitted.

But every other room of the house provides the perfect space and opportunity to let your creativity and style flair run free.


Wood is the most popular material. But when you start to shop for high-quality cabinetry, have a look at the metals used in the decoration, hinges and handles.

essential pieces

Essential Pieces – Nightstand / Bedside Table

This might be the surprise addition to our furniture essentials top 5. These days we have tablets and smartphones in our hands at all times. We game, we read, we watch movies, and we learn.

Perhaps you’re designing your dream house, or colour matching your next renovation? The trouble is, we take that work to bed with us, and these devices need charging overnight.

Enter the trusted nightstand, conveniently placed in front of the electrical socket. Just an arm’s reach from the bed, this has become the ever-so-essential home for our essential tech.

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