Essential maintenance will not only retain the comfort of your home but also its value. It doesn’t take too much to upkeep a home but it sure takes a lot to bring it back up to scratch when it’s been neglected.

Maintaining your home is an essential part of being a homeowner. One reason is, of course, to maintain your living standards. But essential maintenance is also important if you want your home to retain or grow its value for the future. You might be intending to sell, and you need to make a profit, or at least not lose any money. Budgeting for essential maintenance is important as a homeowner, so you need to know what you should be budgeting for. If you want to make sure your home still has a good value when you’re ready to sell, make sure you’re looking after the following things.

essential maintenance

Your Home’s Exterior

Start with the outside of your home because it protects the inside of your home. The essential maintenance your home’s exterior can prevent problems to the interior, from asset stripping issues such as rising damp, cracked mortar, and nesting pests. Start at the top and pay attention to your roof. You should inspect it at least yearly to check for any problems that might need repairing. If you experience harsh weather, have a look at the roof afterwards. Check for loose or cracked tiles, corrugated iron that’s lifting, holes, chips, and any signs of leakage through to the roof interior, Exterior walls, doors, and windows need to be cared for too. Check for cracks, gaps, and drafts that could cause problems.

Exterior walls, doors, and windows need to be cared for too. Check for cracks, gaps, and draughts that could cause problems. Always fix broken windows immediately and use thin foam strips to seal draughts. Even cleaning your windows each season will reveal problem spots AND allow more light into rooms.

essential maintenance

Caring for the Plumbing

Your home needs quality plumbing for a number of reasons from bathing to doing your laundry. You might not think you need to perform essential maintenance, but if you don’t, it might lead to big problems. For example, a cold winter could put a lot of stress on older pipes and cause them to burst. Carrying out inspections is one way to help prevent any potential issues. You can get an expert to use a CCTV drain camera to take a close look at your pipes. It’s also important to watch out for any problems and get them fixed as soon as you can.

essential maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

The electrical system of your home needs essential maintenance not just for practical reasons but for your safety too. Any problems could be dangerous, so it’s important to make sure you keep everything in working order. Pest such as mice can chew through electrical wiring and some recessed lighting can light ceiling insulation.While you can do electrical work yourself, you need to know what you’re doing. It’s best to get a professional to do everything if you’re not sure how to approach anything you need to do.

It’s never advisable to do fix anything electrical yourself, especially wiring unless you are qualified. In some States and Territories, your home insurance will be invalid if a fire is caused and you’ve been fiddlling with things you are not qualified to fiddle with.

essential maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling your house is essential for comfortable living. Getting your air-conditioning, gas heating, furnace, or boiler serviced will help keep it functioning, keep it safe, and ensure your home is adequately heated and cooled. You don’t necessarily have to have your air conditioning serviced regularly, but you should still keep it clean to ensure it stays in working order. There are some simple tasks you can do yourself, like vacuuming air vents or changing the filter in your furnace.

Perform regular essential maintenance for your home and make sure it retains its value. Even if you don’t plan on selling, it can save you money.

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