After a covetable career in the fashion industry, it took one trip to Bangladesh for Edwina Walsh to turn her back on high-profile brands and a job she had loved.

Having worked for brands including Adele Palmer, Jag, Maggie Shepard, Target and Myer, Edwina Walsh was faced with a turning point in a career that had been very successful, and international.  In this podcast, Edwina shares her journey from being a young married mother and working with major fashion labels to turning her back on everything, and starting fresh.



Check Out How Stylish Bamboo Clothing Can Be

What Bamboo Monkey Means To Edwina Walsh

Edwina talks passionately about why we need to harness the sustainable and organic nature of bamboo for textiles. She has investigated the comparisons between cotton and bamboo so will leave you with no doubt that bamboo is the way to go. In her interview, Edwina discusses how much water is required to make just one pair of jeans (OK, 84 glasses of water) but also the high chemical dependency of both those who grow cotton inorganically (which is most) and those who manufacture it into garments.

Edwina Walsh had always tackled her work with creativity and abundance, so this foray into her own bamboo-based business is no exception. But Edwina is no ordinary fashion designer; she had never even worked as a fashion designer before Bamboo Monkey. Sure she worked in fashion, but in roles that required her interesting skill set to be engaged even before a brand was born, let alone designed.

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