An eco-friendly home is the goal of almost every home owner. In some way, big or small, when you own a home you will look for ways to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. It’s just the way the world is heading.

When redesigning your home there are many things to consider – and at the forefront of your mind will be how you are going to design each room and how can that impact your eco-friendly home.

You might have been planning for a while and just about to begin, or this could be the beginning of your redesigning process. Either way, and no matter what you’re intending to do, you should always look at how you can make your home more eco-friendly and more self-sustainable.

It might cost a little more or take a little bit more time, but these eco-friendly home adjustments can easily save you money in the long run.

How To Have A More Eco-Friendly Home

You may also like to listen to the fascinating podcast with Maury Filosano who has created a business from recycling ‘trash’. How she has done it and what has been recycled from trash to treasure will inspire you.

eco-friendly home

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your roof sounds like a hassle but it’s also one of the easiest things to help save money in your home while also helping the environment. You can cut costs on your energy bills easily – particularly in the heat of summer or the coldness of winter.

Solar panels can be linked to your home, or, if you own a homestead or freehold, you can link it to the electricity you need to run the grounds – ie automatic sprinklers. Luckily, the cost of installing solar panels onto your home has reduced over the years as it has gained popularity.

Solar Paneled Water Heaters

While on the subject of solar panels, you could also look into solar hot water systems. Heating can  take up a good chunk of your bills in the winter, so any help to cut that cost should be extremely welcome.

A solar hot water system works in the place of your normal energy route to heat up your water – so instead of gas or electricity doing the work, you use the sun. It’s a simple installation that doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

And again, the costs you’ll save in the long run are definitely worth it.

eco-friendly home

Compost Bin

A compost bin isn’t necessarily a home improvement in a design sense, but it does make for a more eco-friendly home. A compost bin is great for reducing your household  waste and can really help your garden to flourish, giving it that great curb appeal that every house needs.

eco-friendly home

Smart Meter

Installing a smart meter is so simple, all it takes is an engineer and half an hour. It doesn’t save you money but it does show you where you can cut down and save.

You can also go the next step and install a meter that helps you control your home on the go – so no more wasting money because you forgot to turn the kitchen light off before you left for work.

eco-friendly home

Recycled Furniture

Is there anything you have that can be revamped or redesigned to create something new and interesting? An old coffee table can easily be transformed into a footstool, or a dated looked dresser can be brought into 2018.

It’s cheaper and so much better for the environment – plus you end up with unique pieces and not the same furniture as everyone else buying mass produced products.

eco-friendly home

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