Easy plants that grow well and don’t need too much care are the perfect garden additions when you have little outdoor space. Add greenery and a light scent with three plants that are easy to grow on your balcony.

Winter is finally over, and it’s time to think about easy plants to grow in your garden – if you’re lucky enough to have one, that is.

The great thing about gardening is that it can be done even in the smallest of spaces as long as you know which plants to pick and how to grow them.

easy plants

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to grow popular vegetables and herbs in a small space. Enjoy your own fresh grown produce no matter the size of your home.

Easy Plants #1 Tomatoes

This plump and juicy vegetable is perfect to grow on a balcony or even in the window sill as they tend to climb whatever they can find.

That’s why you should try to grow it in a cage to avoid having them grow outwards rather than upwards – or at least give your tomato plants a few sticks for support.

easy plants

Cherry tomatoes grow extremely fast and you certainly won’t be disappointed by their yield if you make sure that they’re happy and healthy.

When you have a basket full of tasty tomatoes, you can simply slice them up and toss them in a salad, roast them in the oven together with some other veggies – or just make them into a rich tomato sauce you can use for basically anything.

Easy Plants #2 Lettuce

Lettuce and most of the other leafy greens are perfect to grow in containers or even indoors as they take up very little space, and grow exceptionally fast.

You can have a fully grown crop ready in just 45 days if you treat it right, so get started right away and make a delicious garden salad in no time.

easy plants

Lettuce is vulnerable to insects, though, so it’s a good idea to shield it against those little bugs by either using an organic insect repellent or simply giving them some shelter if you’re growing them on your balcony.

Have a look at SSWM and you should have enough to protect the rest of your plants as well.

Easy Plants #3 Herbs

If you have a little gardening corner in your kitchen or on your balcony, you cannot go wrong with herbs. While you certainly cannot survive on herbs alone, you can chop them up and add them to everything you cook from now on.

Parsley is always a winner as it’s very easy to grow, and tends to grow quite fast. Mint is also a great herb to grow for beginners, but watch out if you’re growing it in the same pot as another herb – they tend to take over completely.

easy plants

Mint is a great herb to grow nearby your tomatoes, by the way, as it will act as a natural insect repeller.

By starting your small-scale gardening project early, you’re making sure that it will be in full bloom by the time summer hits us for real. Give them enough sun, water, and love and they will give you lots of produce.

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