Dynamic decor looks amazing but isn’t always easy to achieve. If you’re not sure how to give a plain room the ‘wow’ factor these 7 ideas will really help.

Have you had decor disasters? The 7 tips here will ensure you give your desired dynamic decor the pizzazz you’re craving the first time around!

Dynamic Decor #1 – Incorporate Plenty Of Cosy Textures

Cosy textures are a must, whatever style you’re hoping to achieve in your home. Add plush pillows of different sizes, and don’t forget throws to drape over your sofa and even in your bedroom.

dynamic decor

Bengal Tan Cameo cushion

Learning to layer fabrics and various elements of your dynamic decor will make it look more textured. Think of fabrics like velvet, knotty wool, faux fur, mohair, linen and brocade.

#2 Find Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

A bright home always looks better than one that is dark and barely lets any light in at all.

Find ways to brighten up your home, whether that’s having new windows put in with high quality home builders or simply installing some blinds.

dynamic decor

Natural light is key and always looks better than artificial light, but for night time, lamps are perfect for creating a great atmosphere.

#3 Pick A Few Colors And Patterns You Like And Scatter Them Around

Neutral colors such as dove grey and white can look more luxurious than other colors. That being said, you don’t have to go 100% neutral to make it work.

You can easily pick a few colors that you like and scatter them around the place. Teal, rich purple, navy, and emerald green can really give a feel of luxury.

dynamic decor

Feel free to choose any colors you like but keep within a block, pattern ans stripe mixtures to a similar color palette.

Try places like Zanui or Pottery Barn for a huge range of cushions, throws and rugs… and more.

#4 Invest In A Few Bigger Accessories Rather Than Lots Of Smaller Ones

Rather than visually clutter up your space with lots of small accessories, invest in a few bigger pieces.

Even in a small room, a larger accessory can look better than lots of small ones, as it draws the eye and stops the place from looking messy.

Take your time to find pieces that you really like. Large plants make amazing accessories – have them in most rooms!

#5 Create A Gallery Wall With Your Favorite Pictures

Give your home some personality by creating a gallery wall with your favorite pictures. It can be artwork, pictures of your loved ones, or even quotes.

dynamic decor

It’s up to you whether you choose uniformed frames or have frames of different sizes and styles.

#6 Add An Amazing Light Fitting

Light fittings are a fairly easy switch and you can transform your home in moments! You don’t necessarily have to choose a chandelier either, as long as it’s got some personality.

Pendant lights with open cage shades and mid-century modern straight-arm chandeliers are very on-trend and quite timeless.

dynamic decor

Try Go-lights for a great range of discounted and faux-designer lights.

#7 Go For A Statement Rug

A statement rug can finish off your room and bring it to life. Try choosing one that adds texture and pattern to your room, as we mentioned earlier.

Remember, feel bold with your rug choices as they are not at eye-level. So you can choose a colorful rug for your dynamic decor without totally overwhelming a room.

dynamic decor

Your dynamic decor will benefit from any of these tips – which of them will you use?

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