Whilst you may want a dream home, it’s an unfortunate reality of house hunting that you’re not always going to find exactly what you want. Or if you do, it might be out of your budget.

For some people, that’s a huge deal and it’s understandable. Finding a new house to buy is a monumental decision with years of impact on your life. But now isn’t the time to give in to despair. If you’re not finding your dream home, you have to consider your other options.

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Scale Your Expectations

If you need to get moving, then it might be time to reconsider what are your expectations of a dream home. If you just can’t afford the house you have your heart set on, then hoping your lowball offer will get the deal just won’t suffice.

You need to seriously consider whether you should take the extra measures to be able to afford it. Instead, it’s more fruitful and sustainable to make a true list of your wants and needs. Identify the priorities that form the appeal of your ‘dream home’. List things like; Think about the amount of space you could better afford, the area you could find a similar property and the little touches on the home that add only a little emotional value but a lot of

  • How much space do we realistically need?
  • In which neighbourhood do we want to live?
  • Will we forsake space for geographic location or vice-versa?
  • How much DIY are we prepared to do?
  • Would we have a budget for renovations if our other dream home items are met?
  • Would we buy more furniture or utilize what we have?
  • Could we engage a home stylist to help create a dream home on a budget?

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Build Your Own Dream Home

If you don’t have undue budget restrictions then have you ever considered building your own dream home? Yes, it may be more expensive and, yes, it generally requires more effort and attention. But working with designers to formulate a plan and custom home builders to make your home every inch to your specifications is the most reliable way to end up with the home of your dreams.

Now’s a good time to build, too, as we’ve seen a record number of homes being approved and built with the Housing Industry Association pushing for more people to get on top of the need for new houses. This means if you have a plan and the budget to back it up, your dream home is more attainable now than it has been in decades.

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Learn To Love

If you love where you live but need to make changes to the house then it’s definitely worth looking into remodeling your own home. One of the demands most often not met in the search for a new home is finding more space, for instance. If that’s the case for you, then consider whether you’d be happy with an extension. It can save you money over moving as recent statistics suggest it can cost $60,000 to move (with agent fees, government fees, moving costs, etc).

If you have room, you can extend out, up, or down. Extensions out from your current home, up into the roof space, and down into a basement or underground area are all entirely possible. You’ll need an Architect or Building Designer plus an Engineer and even an Interior Architect. Creating a space you have designed specifically for you and your lifestyle is the best way to create a dream home.

If you’re converting existing space into a liveable room, then you might not even need planning permission, either. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check.

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Another option is to engage an Interior Designer or a Home Stylist to redesign your existing space. People with these skills can help you make better use of your rooms, rearrange furniture for better flow, advise on colours and textures, recommend new fabrics, furniture, and homewares, and help create better storage.

There are always options out there. Either look harder for them or be willing to invest more to see them come to life. Whether it’s reconsidering where and what your dream house is or making it a reality you can do it with a little help.

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