Down and dirty places are part and parcel of living in a modern home. No matter how spectacularly fussy you may be, there WILL be areas that get neglected from time to time.

Let’s face it: cleaning isn’t exactly the most thrilling part of having your own place to live. It’s an essential. Getting down and dirty is something you must do to ensure that you have a high standard of living and don’t spend your days breathing in dust and wallowing in bacteria.

Most of us would say that we’re on top of our cleaning regime. We run the vacuum around the floors regularly, wipe down the kitchen work surfaces after every use, dust the furniture, beat rugs, scrub sinks and a whole manner of other tasks.

But no matter how vigilant you may think you are with your home cleaning routines, chances are there are a few neglected areas of your home that haven’t even crossed your mind. These places are generally out of sight or tucked away, so you don’t pay them much attention.

However, they need just as much cleaning and love as the rest of your property. So, where to start? Here are a few aspects of home cleaning that many of us miss.

It’s time to get down to the down an dirty with the nitty gritty and tackle them head on when you next have the opportunity!


down and dirty

Down and Dirty with Grease Traps

It is unlikely that you have ever really paid much attention to grease traps in your home. You may not even be aware of their function. Well, the clue is in the name.

Grease traps are a form of plumbing device that is designed to intercept grease before it enters the wastewater disposal system in your home. While you may not pay your grease traps attention when all is working well, you’ll certainly come to notice the repercussions if you don’t maintain them properly.

Clogged grease traps can prevent water from filtering out of your sink quickly and effectively, resulting in clogged plug holes and perhaps even flooding if you happen to leave a faucet running without keeping your eye on it.

Fortunately, grease trap cleaning is a service that is generally carried out by professional plumbers, so you shouldn’t have to tackle the rather unpleasant problem yourself. Call in the experts and they’ll ensure that everything is working and in perfect order for you.


down and dirty

Down and Dirty with Mattresses

We are all very much familiar with the routine of changing our bed sheets regularly. However, the majority of people are relatively clueless when it comes to cleaning their mattress.

While your sheets are in direct contact with you and more likely to take the brunt of dirt, makeup and spilled food or drinks, it is advised that you give your mattress a good clean every now and then too. So, where to start?

Obviously, you can’t stick it in the washing machine with the rest of your bedding. Start by removing all bedding and then vacuum your mattress. This will remove any debris.

Next, scrub away any stains with a non-toxic fabric cleaner or specialist upholstery cleaner. If there are odors that you want to do away with, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the mattress and leave for a couple of minutes. Then vacuum this up, just like you did initially.

Finally, leave the mattress to air dry naturally and thoroughly before placing bedding back on it.


down and dirty

Down and Dirty with Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are such a commonplace feature in many of our homes that many of us will completely forget about their presence, never mind their condition.

People are also often fooled into believing that they will be cleaned as part of the process of showering. If they’re in direct contact with clean, running water constantly then how could dirt possibly build up? Well, this is where many people go wrong.

Though clean, running water may clean your body effectively, you dry yourself thoroughly after each shower. Your shower curtain, on the other hand, is left in the damp environment for long periods of time. This damp can cause discoloration, the buildup of bacteria and the production of a consequent bad odor emanating from your shower curtains.

But not to worry. As soon as you’ve identified this problem, it’s easy to rectify. Most curtains can be placed in the washing machine, which will clean them thoroughly. Put them in at the same time as a couple of towels. Add your usual detergent and a cup of baking soda, then wash on a mild setting.

Once the wash has finished, allow the curtain to air dry. It will be left looking and smelling as good as new.

Paying attention to these neglected areas of your home will create a healthier, cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing environment within your home.

It also encourages you to look around for other fixtures or items in your home that need a little extra TLC in your cleaning regime, which is, on the whole, a brilliant domestic habit to have.

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