As every fashionista knows, the magic doesn’t happen in the store; it happens in the bedroom. Buy all the trends you can.Yet if you truly want to be fashionable and love how you look, you need to throw the trend book out the window. Because it is your creativity and your styling that will bring each outfit to life.

Having a bedroom that inspires you and allows you to beautifully display all your clothes and accessories is an absolute must, but there are a few steps you will need to take before you get there:


De-Clutter Immediately

No room looks great full of clutter. Old books, papers, clothes – when you don’t care about the items in question it immediately starts to detract from the true essence of both your home and your sense of style.

design bedroom tips

Start by de-cluttering your entire bedroom today, so that you can finally start making progress on your room’s design. Clear out your drawers, shelves, and especially your wardrobe.

Far too often we can feel like we have nothing to wear when faced with a closet full of clothes, and that is because you don’t like what you see. Clear out what you don’t wear, and you will be able to do so much more with everything you have.


Invest in Quality Wardrobe Pieces

A beautifully tailored little black dress or blazer isn’t the only investment you should make for your wardrobe. The actual shelving and wardrobe fixtures should feel and look luxurious as well.

design bedroom tips

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Your wardrobe should be able to easily display everything you own so when you go to style an outfit you have the whole collection of clothes in one place. You can do this by adding:


1.     Custom Shelving

For closets that are hidden behind a door (or are walk-in) custom shelving is an absolute must. Make full use of the entire wall and display your clothes, shoes, and accessories like a work of art.


2.     Add a Beautiful Clothes Rail

Clothes rails are great for smaller apartments and even just for their design. Invest in a good quality one, however. You will see it regularly, so it needs to suit your room!

design bedroom tips

Clothes hanging on the rack

3.     Get a Full-Length Mirror

It’s so much easier to style yourself when you can see the full picture, so invest in a full-length mirror that can ideally be adjusted to catch a variety of angles.


Give Your Windows Custom Dressings

Everything looks great when it’s tailored, including your windows. Getting these custom drapery or shutters can help you direct light as you need and give you the privacy you rightly deserve.

design bedroom tips

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Buy plantation shutters Charleston style, for example, and you will have perfectly fitted shutters that can help you both get your beauty sleep and let in the natural light. Being in control of light in this way can help your health, your looks, and of course give you plenty of natural light to see when trying on a variety of outfits for the day.

Everything else design-wise should be done with you in mind. Hire an interior designer in Adelaide if you have to. When it comes to improving your sense of style, an emphasis on decluttering and building a beautiful closet space is a must.

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