The curb appeal of your home will provide the first impression of what’s within. It’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive for one of your regular and hotly anticipated soirees, right?

So, I’m sure you’ve got the inside of your house looking perfect, but the work doesn’t end there. It’s no good having things perfect inside if you haven’t thought about curb appeal and the way your home looks from the outside.

It’s natural to look at the outside of a home and make judgments. And the only way to give people a taste of the beauty within is to create some beauty on the outside too. The good news is that you’ve already mastered your design style; as displayed inside your home. So take some of that savvy style and reinvent it. Here are some ideas to kick it off.

curb appeal


Take a look from the street and observe what guests see as they arrive. Trimming garden edges, refreshing driveway gravel, cleaning stains from concrete, and planting screening trees will help to refresh your curb appeal.

For those of you who live in a rental, use moveable containers and plant easy to care for succulents. If you need to refresh the paint around the windows or the front door, these tips for first-time painters will help. Hang solar fairy lights in the trees, place colourful cushions on front porch chairs, and clean away cobwebs from architraves.


The features that can be seen from the outside of your home will make a difference to its curb appeal. Features give your house its uniqueness and character. How extreme you go with this depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you want to go all out, get the help of an architect to make your house look amazeballs.

curb appeal

Glass walls and unusual shapes give any home a distinctive edge! Architectural shapes can be achieved via topiary on suitable trees and lavender bushes.

If you don’t have a huge budget then other ideas may work for you. Having stained glass installed in your front door makes a great impact and looks beautiful at night when it’s backlit. This is a feature that will look amazing from the inside, too!

Flower boxes under the windows and external shutters will give your home a country cottage vibe. Make sure that coincides with the rest of your house, though. You don’t want a country cottage on the outside if you’re going minimalist inside!

curb appeal

Garden sculptures, recycled bird feeders, LED lighting up the paths, a water feature, or beautifully staged front porch will add great style to the front of your home and be welcoming for guests.


Do your external structures match the theme of your home? If it’s detached, does your garage resemble the colors and tone of the house? Does your pergola or summer house match your home?

It’s worth considering what you can do to make them work together! Think, too, about how your shed and patio covers look in the grand scheme of things. Do they give an accurate representation of what’s inside your home? This continuity will make your home look and feel better. Perhaps it’s just some co-ordinating paint required.

curb appeal

Bear in mind that dark colors recede. So if you have a shed, pergola, or fence that looks out of place consider painting the offender in very dark charcoal or black paint. When bushes and flowers are added, the painted object will appear to recede and get lost in the background.


Last on the list of things to get right on the outside is garden furniture. You should put as much thought into this as you did the furniture inside your home. If anything, this is more important, because it will be out there for the world to see!

curb appeal

Make sure to buy furniture that can withstand any weather, or make sure to keep it covered when not in use. Even better, put things away in the shed. Minimalist garden furniture can look fantastic. Sleek, plastic chairs are also convenient for withstanding rain! If you have a floral theme in your home, why not look into some vintage garden furniture?

curb appeal

The options for new and second-hand garden furniture are huge. Whether it’s poolside, on the lawn, under a verandah, rustic, modern, vintage… there is garden furniture to suit every home.

Header image courtesy of L-3 Design. Additional photos courtesy of,  Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy, and Beccy Smart Photography.

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