We all love a cozy home. Settling down under warm blankets with our feet in fluffy slippers exudes comfort. Everyone loves having a lovely sense of warmth and embracing love.

And if you’ve got your interior design just right, those cozy home moods and feelings will literally bounce off the walls and straight out at you! So what should you be doing?

cozy home

These four cozy home ideas are easy… you can achieve them this weekend.

A Cozy Home Has Thicker Curtains

Thick curtains are perfect for making sure a space is perfectly enclosed, suitably dark, and warm enough away from the outside air and city bustle.

After all, sheer curtains barely keep your own light from spilling out into the dark street outside. Net curtains that do nothing but blow through the room on windy days, just won’t cut it sometimes!

cozy home

So make sure you’ve got something woolen and heavy tucked up in the closet, and swap them out every now and then for the thinner materials you’ve favored in the past.

Sure, the sun is rising earlier and setting later, but having dark curtains to cover these transitions can help set your winter circadian rhythm back into a summer one.


A Cozy Home Has A Soft Sofa

We all have different sofa preferences. At the end of a long day at work or with the family, we just want to come back and home and collapse on the sofa.

But if you’ve got a sofa that doesn’t allow for much burrowing, such as a leather sofa or a loveseat that barely fits you, you might have to invest in a new centerpiece!

cozy home

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Maybe you don’t have many people in the house anymore. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a huge and soft sofa that’s really going to complete the cozy feel of your space.

Maybe you should get a couple of oversized armchairs as well, and open up the seat cushions to do a little overstuffing of your own.

Maybe you could even get an extendable piece or ottoman to make sure you can put your feet up too.


A Cozy Home Has Warm Walls and Soft Lighting

Your interior design is going to have a big impact on how cozy the room around you feels, and that might mean some decorating is in order!

You’re going to want some warmer colors on the walls – a dark red, a deeper brown that you can easily dress up, maybe even a bit of bright yellow that makes you feel like the sun is on your skin.

cozy home

Plush Design Interiors

Work with the best interior designer you can find to try and achieve this kind of delicate balance. Purchase some standing and desk lamps, to make sure you can turn the overhead light off, and relax in the warmer and more intimate light on offer.

We don’t have an exhaustive list of all the coziest things you could ever out in your home, but we have a few of the best to think about.

cozy home

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