People say that alongside death and divorce, moving house is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Not only do you have to sell your cherished home, but you also have to find somewhere else to live.

With it often comes the upheaval in your children’s schooling and possible changes in your career to accommodate the transition. So when all the moving expenses start to close in, a few costing cutting tips will help.

One of the hardest aspects in moving is the cost involved in the process. Buying a new house is expensive, and there are a number of fees on top of that, which could include paying the estate agent and possibly an architect.

You will also be taking out a mortgage, cutting a huge hole in your bank account, especially if your current home doesn’t recoup some of those costs back after selling.

There is no getting away from the fact that you are going to suffer financially, but there are ways to save money in the process. To alleviate some of the pressure for you, here are several ways cost cutting tips to make your move less stressful.

cost cutting tips

Cost Cutting Tips #1: Get rid of anything you don’t need

Moving home is a good opportunity to go through your belongings and purge anything that you don’t want or need to take with you. You may find this a difficult process, as not only does your house contain precious memories, but your possessions do too.

Saying goodbye to anything is not easy, but be as ruthless as you can. Anything that doesn’t hold personal value should be easier to get rid of. And for any items that do hold nostalgic value, consider keeping a few items rather than everything.

By having a clear out, you will be saving removal costs. When given a quote by a removal company, it is the volume of your belongings that is often taken into account. Having fewer items is going to amount to a cheaper move, so despite the emotion involved, there is an upside.

For any unwanted items that are in a good condition, consider selling them rather than giving them away to a charity shop. You will make some money back, especially from electrical items, and you will undoubtedly be able to use the extra cash in the weeks and months ahead.

cost cutting tips


Cost Cutting Tips #2: Shop around for better deals

Before choosing a removal service, compare quotes with a range of firms and find the best deal for you. Considering each company is in competition , they will be trying to undercut each other when trying to reach potential customers.

Now is also the perfect time to switch energy providers, so you don’t need to rely on the company you have been using in your current property.  Use a price comparison service and find the cheapest deals for electricity, gas, telephone and internet providers.

Be aware that you will often need to pay an exit fee from your current service, so factor that into your budget when making a change. Different companies have a range of deals to suit your budget and needs.

For example, Lumo has moving home energy packages, which includes discounts on removal truck hire as well as a quick internet setup in your new home. Shop around and find a good deal to save you money.

Now is also the time to sort out your home insurance, so go online and find the cheapest available, according to your requirements. Many people are faithful to the companies they have been with for years, but there is really no need to be.

These businesses aren’t interested in being your friend, as making money is their priority, no matter how attractive their website and the sales pitch is to you.

cost cutting tips


Cost Cutting Tips #3: Enlist help

It may be that you don’t need to use a removal company at all, at least for the smaller items. Ask your family and friends to help you with the move, from dismantling and lifting items, to transporting them to your new home.

You may have appliances that need disconnecting from the mains supply, so instead of hiring a handyman to do the job, ask somebody you know who has the skills required to help you cut further costs.

Your house will need a good clean too, ready for the new residents. Rather than hire a professional cleaning service, enlist your nearest and dearest to help you to scrub the walls clean, and remove old stains from the carpets.

Moving day is stressful but having the support of others will bring much-needed relief, socially and financially, so find as many people as you can to give you the help you need.

Cost Cutting Tips #4: Avoid a huge phone bill

You will probably have made a moving checklist, and one of the priorities will be letting energy companies know you are moving, and giving them your final gas, electricity and water readings.

Often these companies use premium rate numbers which will make for a very nasty telephone bill, particularly since you may find yourself put on hold for a long time as you are waiting to get through to an actual living person.

Check to see if the company has an alternative, non-premium phone number, and when possible always ask them to call you back to eliminate the call cost increasing. Alternatively, go online and use the company website to give your final readings for free.

cost cutting tips


Cost Cutting Tips #5: Move on a weekday

Finally, consider the date of the move. You may choose to move on a weekend when asking friends and family to help, as they might be more readily available.

However, when using a removal service, be aware that they will likely charge more on the weekend or on bank/public holidays. Therefore, it makes sense to hire them on a weekday to save on an unnecessary expense.

You might also consider moving on a weekday when using your car. There will be less traffic on the roads, meaning less stress for you, and you are less likely to waste petrol from being stuck in weekend traffic.

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