Are you stuck in a comfort zone? Do you resist pushing your boundaries or testing yourself in new ways? If so, now is the time to make some simple changes.

Comfort zones exist in all of us. If we didn’t have them, there would be nowhere on Earth where we felt safe and comfortable within the walled gardens of our mind.Yet is having a comfort zone always good when it comes to learning or being active.

It’s important for anyone to have a place where they feel comfortable and safe, a place where they can truly feel at home.

However, when it comes to developing and growing as a person, staying within a comfort zone can be positively distressing to our overall health. If you find it hard to pursue alternative means of getting outside your comfort zone, then it could be wise for you to blast through it with nothing but willpower and effort.

Blast Your Comfort Zone!

Here are just a few ideas for how to blast our your comfort zone. Why not try one of these, or identify an area of your life whereby you can push some boundaries.

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Try An Active Sport

This does not always mean a sport in which you act in a team format. It could mean something you enjoy alone, something which tests you every time you try it.

Test your comfort zone by heading to a local climbing wall and connect with solo climbers there, or simply use the best Stead Cycles to beat your time around the local off-road riding course.

Getting outside your comfort zone will always be intimately linked with physical activity. Most people who are comfortable facing the pain and pursuit of a sport are likely to be people who can trust themselves in an unfamiliar environment.

Listen to our podcast with the Fit Busy Mum, Rosemary Marchese, who will inspire and motivate you.


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Reading outside of your current understanding is always an incredibly fruitful activity. It’s important to pick up challenging books and try to digest them, even if you struggle to fully understand what they are trying to convey upon first assessment.

Great books give you a mental clarity and perspective, as they act as portals into the conscious understanding of another person. It’s important to read books from both the nonfiction and fiction categories, as both can enrich your full understanding of the world around you.

For example, if you usually read pulpy crime thrillers, then why not try reading the classics? These often gift us with profound insight into the political and historical struggles of the past, as well as showcasing extremely incredible literature which could genuinely make you smarter.

It could be that the act of reading is something out of your comfort zone. In which case starting and finishing books with commitment can gift you a whole new way of consuming entertainment in a much more refined way.

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Travel broadens the mind, but only if you allow it to. Travelling outside of your comfort zone to new locations will help you experience cultures.

It’s perhaps the most effective means of breaking down your mental barriers. Travelling is literally and figuratively what is meant by going outside of your comfort zone. You will literally be leaving a familiar area to temporarily experience a place with whch you have no stock or practical knowledge.

Of course, it’s always wise to visit with a friend for safety. But as you gain confidence you might choose to travel to locations alone, which can enrich your personality to whole other degree.

With these three considerations, you’ll vastly become an excellent and well-developed person.

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