Coastal retreat or ‘sea change’. Mountain hideaway or ‘tree change’. Do you have a preference? If you’re considering a ‘sea’ or a ‘tree’ change, then you’ll be interested in the argument for finding your own coastal retreat.

When you are thinking of upping sticks and moving home, there are probably a few different things that come to mind. You may consider the job market – where the best opportunities are, and where you are most likely to make the best connections. You may also wonder about the different things to do nearby – whether you are near to the cultural hub of a busy town or city. But contrary to popular belief, many younger people are now shunning the bright lights of the city in favor of a more remote retreat on the coast. Why exactly? Well, here are just a few of the reasons…

coastal retreat

Coastal Retreat: Things To Do

You may think that living in a coastal town or village means being stuck for things to do. In some cases, this can be true – you can’t usually just pop down the road into Sephora, for example! But these picturesque places might just surprise you. With the beach on your doorstep, you have a whole hoard of activities right at your fingertips every single day. It would be rude not to give surfing a try when some of the best waves in the world could be just outside your front door.

Swimming, sea kayaking and paddle boarding and just a few of the activities you can take part in on the coast. And how chic will you look in divine Contessa Volpi swimwear? If staying on dry land is more your kind of thing, why not take up the very popular sport of beach volleyball? It’s not just physical activities that you will find on the coast either. Why not revel in the beauty of the landscape and sit down with a sketch pad to draw the scene in front of you. Or, get snap happy with your camera and capture nature in all its glory.

coastal retreat

Coastal Retreat: The Properties

Coastal properties are some of the most coveted in the world – after all, who wouldn’t want to wake up to such a spectacular view? If you want a good vantage point, look for a home on the clifftop – you’ll be able to see for miles and won’t be overshadowed by anything. If you want to be a little closer to the ocean, look for a place to live right near the port or marina. If you are into your boating, this is a particularly desirable place to live. You could even have a boardwalk or pier built near your home to enable you to easily access the ocean –  see what Summerset Marine says.

coastal retreat

Coastal Retreat: The Decor

For easy and relaxed decor you can’t go past beach decor. Just leaning an old surfboard against the wall starts the beachy vibe. Look for furnishings in shades of blue & green, and pair with white – a big white couch, bleached white floor boards, whitewashed walls. Add touches of yellow; think of tropical flowers like frangipani and hibiscus. Motifs of flowers, sea shells, dolphins, and fish fit perfectly in a coastal retreat. Cushions trimmed with rope, cleaned up fishing nets slung over a hall table, colourful sea buoys, and boat paraphernalia complete the scene.

Wooden floor boards or tiles make it easy to clean up sand. Or better still, install an outdoor shower. Bliss!

coastal retreat

Coastal Retreat: The Lifestyle

Life by the sea moves at a much more leisurely pace than it does in the city. The traffic is limited and chances are you will feel a lot calmer being so close to nature. In fact, studies suggest that living somewhere beautiful and outdoorsy can actually help lift a person’s mood and reduce their stress levels. It’s the perfect antidote to a rough day at work – simply breathe in some of that fresh sea air as you go for a walk along the beach. Sounds better than the city? Of course it does!

coastal retreat

Beach decor images courtesy of Koetzen Interiors and Issie-Mae wholesale interior design.

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