Is it possible to enjoy a stylish and clutter-free home when you’re a hoarder? When you can’t throw things away, you are either going to have epic storage… or a decidedly cluttered home; which is never fun.

If you’re a bit of a hoarder, chances are you regularly suffer the hassle of clutter. It is so difficult to let go of things that are still in good condition, remind us of happy times, or cost us a lot of money. No wonder so many of us have become hoarders! We keep more clothes than we can wear in a year, more shoes than we can wear in a month, and far more knick-knacks than we can count. So what does it take to streamline our lives and create a happy, clutter-free home environment once again?

Clutter-Free Home Opportunity: Moving House

Moving house often demands a big clearout. Unfortunately, the stress of moving combined with a need to fit so much in so few boxes means we declutter under duress. That’s not the way we want it to happen, and it’s not the healthiest approach to taming our hoarder instinct. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had just the right amount of ‘stuff’ in the first place? Sure, we all have a few items we’ve haven’t used (or even looked at) for a few years. Is it possible to convert the things we hoard into useful items?

Clutter-Free Home Opportunity: Recycle

Recycling and upcycling have been buzz terms for reusing old things for a while. The trick is to convert stuff we no longer use (but can’t bear to part with) into fresh, fashionable, handy to have items. All you need is a creative mind, great ideas and few tools to turn your old bits and bobs into desirable and useful things once again. You may need things like a power screwdriver, paint, adhesives, and a glue gun. You could speak to distributors of Henkel and other adhesive manufacturers to find out which types of glue are best for each application.

Always start with a purpose. If you’re going to revive old furniture, it needs to have a place to go and a point of being. Perhaps you want to create a tidy drawer with different sections for all your costume jewellery? Or maybe you’re looking for a stand-out book case to clear your old novels from the spare room floor? Are you going to sell your revamped items to make some money from your clutter? Know what your end goal is before you start. It will help motivate you to see the job through!

Clutter-Free Home Opportunity: Start Small

Part of decluttering is about tidying the spaces we want to use. It might be a drawer, a cupboard, a shelf or even a whole room. Creating tidies and organisers out of your old furniture can be a practical way to deal with your old things and clutter. Don’t be afraid to strip old book shelves, desks and cupboards down to the individual boards. With the right glue gun, a few screws and a bit of imagination, these items can be rebuilt. Choose custom shapes and designs suitable for their new application.

Upcycling in this way is perfect for the self-confessed hoarder. It means you don’t really have to get rid of anything you’re not keen to let go of. Instead, you are creating the perfect place to store all the bits and pieces that have been cluttering up your home. You can tidy them up into custom made sections and storage solutions. Best of all, these new pieces of furniture can be decorated, painted, and designed to match your home, your personality and your style.

There is another benefit of using your old furniture in these ways. It can help you tame the hoarder within you. Creating a space for the things you have now that is organised and tidy helps you to see the limits of what you can store. Once you’ve taken the time and effort to build something like this, you’ll be keen to keep it tidy and organised. You might be less inclined to purchase or store more than the capacity of your new furniture! After all, a tidy home is far less stressful than one that is overspilling with clutter!

Clutter-Free Home Opportunity: Know Your Clutter Triggers

There are many ways to avoid the traps of hoarding. Once you have assigned your belongings to their tidy homes, you can clearly see what you have. This means you are more likely to make use of the stuff you’ve got. You can also see what needs to be replaced. Replacing old with new when it is required is a habit you need to get into as a hoarder. You have to remove the replaced item! Gift it, take it to the recycling centre, or put it in the bin. If it’s no use to you, it no longer has a home with you. Be strong, and avoid the pitfalls of clutter.

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