Clothing basics go way beyond your ‘smalls’ in this modern world of disposable fashion and one-season outfits. However, there are a few clothing basics that will expand your wardrobe choices. So you either have to buy them or update them.

When we think about buying clothes, it’s easy to picture beautiful dresses, trendy tops, and designer jeans. But your ‘staple’ pieces are just as important, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Everyone needs good basics in their closet to be able to properly put together outfits! Here are some of the key basics you might just need to update in your wardrobe.

clothing basics

Clothing Basics: Underwear

If your weight has gone up or down, your bras are over six months old, or they’ve lost their elasticity then it’s time to buy new ones. A good fitting bra is so important. It allows you to keep a good posture and reduce back pain. A well-fitting bra will also drastically affect how your outfits look when they’re on. Matching underwear is always good and helps you feel ‘together’- having a few different styles is useful to wear with different outfits. If your underwear drawer is in need of a refresh, you could check out a brand like Freya lingerie. And let’s face it, we all need new lingerie don’t we girls.

clothing basics

Clothing Basics: Leggings and Tights

What did we ever wear before leggings? They’re ultra comfy, flattering, and go with just about anything. For that reason, it’s easy to get into the habit of wearing them day in day out, so they don’t last for very long. Once they start going baggy at the knees, bobbly or faded, they can make anything else you wear look incredibly scruffy.

We all know that tights don’t last too long, one rip or ladder and it’s game over. Throw out anything that’s past its best and stock up on replacements. If you know tights only last you a couple of wears and that you practically live in your leggings then having lots of pairs in your drawer is useful. Every season department stores have a clean out and there are always great bargains on tights and leggings, so stock up. You’ll always wear them.

clothing basics

Clothing Basics: Vests and Camis

Vests and camis are wardrobe staples. They’re perfect for layering. Wear them under other tops, low-cut blouses, or see-through shirts for extra modesty. They’re the ultimate casual staple. Buy these in a variety of different colors so that you have versatility. Black, white and neutral colors will work with most outfits. But if you have a dress, playsuit, or top in a specific color that you like to layer up, find one in the matching colour. They’re usually cheap so perfect for stocking up on and having around when you need them.

clothing basics

Clothing Basics: Pyjamas

Not exactly clothing, but pyjamas are another staple that can start looking scruffy and past their best. If you only replace your pyjamas when people buy them for you as Christmas gifts, chances are they’re pretty worn! There’s nothing wrong with slouchy old pj’s when you want to kick back and relax at home, but it’s good to have a few ‘special pyjamas too. If you’re going on vacation or having a girlie slumber party, you’ll want some acceptable ones to wear! And there is such a selection of cool pyjamas these days – and not just standard top and pants. Check out global sensation sleepwear designer Peter Alexander who creates unique nightwear from soft and slouchy to sexy and sizzling.

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