Cleaning de-cluttering tips abound and there are plenty of incredibly useful hacks and advice around. However, there is one… yes… just one… that may be the only cleaning de-cluttering tip you ever need.

Keeping a clean home is a good goal to have, but it can seem like such hard work. That’s probably the truth – cleaning is going to be hard work if you don’t follow one easy rule.

The definition of a clean home could mean that the surfaces are scrubbed, all the carpets have been vacuumed, and the bathroom polished to a mirror-finish shine.

cleaning de-cluttering

But what about the gadgets and toys all over the floor? The coffee cups left on the bench, the clothes on the floor as well as the piles of study books and papers all over your desk? The house is clean, but is it tidy? Tidying up after yourself is a great route to peace of mind in the home and will allow you to feel at ease, because sometimes it’s not just dirt that gets on our nerves!

Tidiness and cleaning need to be habits – a clean home isn’t just so because you snapped and spent hours upon hours cleaning up after yourself. Cleaning is hard work, and that’s because it needs to become a daily habit instead of a huge blowout every six months. You might make the bed every morning, clean up dishes right after you use them, or vacuum the carpets each Wednesday evening.

cleaning de-cluttering

Habits and routine are key to keeping a clean home. Asking for help is never a bad idea and Clean Carpets And Windows can help you clean so can focus on the other areas of your house! Calling in professionals is a great way to kick-start your path to a cleaning de-cluttering.

A great habit is to hang up your clothes at the end of each day instead of curating a ‘floordrobe’. Put jewellery away as you take it off and throw dirty clothes into a laundry hamper BEFORE you get into bed. Cleaning de-cluttering as you go is the single most effective way to keep your home clean and tidy. Do the dishes once you’re done with them and clean up spills as and when they occur. This stops grime, dirt, and dust building up, so you don’t have to dive into really intensive cleaning sessions.

If you are struggling with keeping a clean and tidy household, you might need to reassess a few things. Are you collecting useless objects and clothes that are taking you ages to organize and tidy? Collecting leads to chaos, and while we all have the right to collect cool knick-knacks, if they are bringing stress into our life, they need to go.

cleaning de-cluttering

Homes won’t look cluttered if you don’t have loads of stuff. Keep the collections you do have organized and tidy. If you do have things you can’t really store, find a junk drawer to sweep everything in – because hey – you can’t be perfect and it’s a good failsafe for last minute arrivals when you need to push the panic button to keep your house clean.

The big secret to keeping a house clean? There isn’t really one, sorry. You’re just going to have to try to build good habits and clean little by little each and every day, so you aren’t left frustrated – build a routine and stick to it so you love the home in which you live.

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