No one likes to clean their house, but it is one thing that you just can’t escape. No matter how clean you and your family may be, there is no way you can escape the dreaded housework!

Thankfully, there are many ways you can prevent all this cleaning and tidying from getting in the way of your free time. You just need to make sure you take as little time as possible to sort out your home. Here are some fantastic tips that can help you clean your home lickety-split!


Use Organizational Apps

First of all, you need to figure out when is the best time to clean your house. There are various ways you can do this. For instance, you could create a weekly plan with all your work and social commitments. Just looking at the plan should show you when you have a free block of time in which to clean. Another great way to organize your cleaning time is to use apps. There are lots of apps out there that can help you with time management, which is the first hurdle you will face when it comes to tidying up!


Upgrade Your Appliances

You will no doubt use lots of cleaning appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and floor mops. However, when was the last time you invested in some new cleaning appliances and equipment? If you can’t even remember when that was, then it is definitely the time to upgrade everything. Manufacturers are continually bringing out new and improved models, which can vastly improve your cleaning. Take a look at sites like ones that review the best Dyson vacuum to see which is the best new appliance on the market right now.

Start Hard

You should always start with the hardest areas to clean first. More often than not, these are the most used areas with kitchen appliances probably being the dirtiest. For example, a greasy oven or a grimey kitchen floor. You should start on these hard to clean places so that you get them finished first. Then you can move onto all the areas that are a lot simpler to clean. This is a great way to keep your motivation up, as you don’t have to dread cleaning your oven if you do it first!


Clean The Cleaner

Do you already clean your dishwasher? It is important that you do, as it will collect a lot of grease and grime, which can affect its overall performance. In fact, if you let all this dirt build up, your dishwasher will end up making all your dishes a lot dirtier than they were when you put them in. The best way to clean a dishwasher is to pour some baking soda onto a damp sponge and wipe down the inside. This will remove stains and stuck-on food. If someone in your family currently has the flu or a cold, you should also add half a cup of white vinegar to the dishwasher to kill all the bacteria.


Relevant Podcasts

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