Cilk Rose Water is the extraordinary new product so unique it has its own retail category. Chanelle Louise had her life as a Hedge Fund Manager in London irreversibly changed after a catastrophic single event.

Returning to Australia, Chanelle Louise had a life that was almost unrecognizable from the one she had been living oversea. Having studied accounting, Chanelle worked in stock broking firms in London and the USA. She was a Hedge Fund Manager and a young woman well on the road to a stellar career; not to mention a sizeable income.

In the podcast, Chanelle discusses what changed so dramatically and what led her to a path of inner health discovery. It’s an amazing story of pluck, determination, and a little alchemy.



Cilk Rose Water Is A New Ritual To Embrace

What Cilk Rose Water Means To Chanelle Louise

I really don’t want to spoil the surprise of how Chanelle came to create Cilk Rose Water in her kitchen, and why. It’s an empowering story and shows the dynamism with which Chanelle tackles her life. Yes, alchemy was involved as Chanelle experimented, tried, failed, and experimented some more. It’s a story that will resonate with anyone who has gone the extra mile for the one they love.

Having said that, Cilk Rose Water is a health drink that works on the inside of your body. Similar to how rose water softens and heals the skin on the outside, Cilk Rose Water is a tonic for wellbeing. Add it to soda, if you like bubbels, or plain water. You can eevn add it to alcohol, but why would you? Cilk Rose Water is a new ritual to embrace that’s healthier than a few Friday night champagnes.

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