Chic exterior style can sometimes be forgotten when you enter your home and shut the front door. While you are spending time planning divine interior redecorating have you neglected the exterior?

Regardless of whether they enter your home, visitors will certainly see the outside. Is that a view they’ll enjoy? Does it hint at the beauty beyond? Or does the exterior of your home discredit the long hours you have spent meticulously decorating it? Not to worry. There are some simple things you can change to add chic exterior style to your abode.

Chic Exterior Style for Doors

One of the most prominent features of your house is it’s doors. The front door of your home is usually the first door visitors see but can be the owner’s least favourite part of the home. To update a tired front door do a little bit of shopping and be prepared for some DIY. Doors can be found in many of different places; from reclamation yards to DIY stores.You could find a beautiful retro front door that only requires some TLC

However, it’s also possible to do something with your current front door especially if its wood, which most are. Remove the door from the hinges (and give them a clean up too), strip back paint and then sand. Replace any broken, discoloured or ugly glass and then stain or paint. Voila!  Metal can be water blasted or stripped back with paint remover and a metal bristle brush then repainted.

chic exterior style

Chic Exterior Style for Windows

Like doors, windows can be a focus of the house and they take up quite a bit of exterior wall surface. The impact your windows make and their general condition has a huge impact on whether your home may be considered chic or not.  your windows look like. Whilst vintage style homes may look better with wooden frames many modern homes will opt for aluminium.

Custom aluminium windows are relatively easy to find as manufacturers respond to consumer demand. Custom options give you the chance to add a unique twist to your windows. And, they don’t have to cost a fortune. Of course, for some windows, a clean and a paint will do the job. But, sometimes, you’ll have to replace at least the glass.

chic exterior style

Chic Exterior Style with Colour

Regardless of what material is on the exterior walls of your home – brick, stucco, render, wood, stone, concrete – there will some element of colour that needs consideration. It could be the whole wall or just the window frames and fascia. To have a truly finished hole you’ll need to coordinate painted colours on the walls, window frames, doors, and fascia.

If there is a lot of surface and colour to consider then consult an interior decorator. Painting can be difficult so, once the colours are sorted, it’s best to have the painting handled by professionals. Your doors and windows should be coloured to complement the rest of the house to create a cohesive and chic look.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to get start finding improvements to make to the outside of your home. You may not realise it; but, after a few years, most homes will start to look a little tried so maintenance is important.

chic exterior style

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