Everyone wants a chic bathroom yet they are often the hardest rooms to renovate. Partly because we use them so much. We also can’t tolerate the inconvenience of not having a bathroom ‘on tap’.

Because of their plumbed nature, bathrooms are one of the trickiest and most expensive rooms to renovate if the design includes moving pipes. But why should the rest of your home be chic and on-point when your bathroom remains a grotty mess? So let’s stop such bathroom neglect and find out how to create a chic bathroom that’s as elegant as the rest of your abode.

chic bathroom

Reece Bathrooms, with Shaynna Blaze, Zuster, and Milli Pure tapware

A Chic Bathroom Needs A Bath

Baths are still extremely popular, both indoors and outdoors. Even though they may take up valuable floor space, they are highly useful and very sought-after by home purchasers. Free-standing baths, which do take up more room, have never been more popular. But not all baths are created equal. In fact, it could be the very thing that is letting your entire bathroom down. So let’s take a quick tour of the types of bath you can get and what are the chicest choices.

First of all, there are the traditional recessed baths. This is what you will find in most homes that have not had a bathroom renovation. While they are highly practical, they are not the most chic option. If you prefer a recessed bath – they are easier to clean – then install a wide sill around the bath for keeping scented candles, flowers, and books (for a long soak). There are now beautiful tile options for creating an updated recessed bath.

If you want to try something different and uber-chic, install a sunken bath or a freestanding roll top. These are very modern options and will add great WOW factor to your bathroom. They combine the simplicity of minimalism and an enjoyable bathing experience while looking equally as elegant when filled or empty. If budget is an issue, buy a second-hand tub and have it resurfaced and repainted. It WILL look brand new.

A Chic Bathroom Needs A Shower

Obviously, another essential part of a bathroom’s anatomy is the shower. In fact, it is even more important that the bath for some folks. But the traditional one hung over the recessed bath can be anything but chic. They can also be a little dangerous for getting in and out of.

For some real style points opt for a separate glass shower cubicle. Which not only looks great but is very practical too.

Of course, there is one disadvantage with this sort for a shower, and that is that there are two or three screens to keep clean all of the time. While you can waste your precious time scrubbing them to keep your bathroom looking stylish and spotless,  a smarter way is to use something like this spray nano coating product. This will stop watermarks and make your life significantly easier without you having to compromise on the aesthetic of the room.

chic bathroom

ME by Phillipe Starck

A Chic Bathroom Needs Special Decor

Lastly, for a truly chic bathroom, you will need to include some decorations and ornaments. Now a lot of folks shy away from these in bathroom setting because they can get dusty or damp very quick. But the trick is to use things that can be cleaned easily but still emphasize the chic nature of the room.

For example, fresh flowers that are changed regularly can work very well to freshen a bathroom. Or dried structural decorations like branches or ferns can have a similar effect. Scented candles, interesting perfume bottles, or a basket of rolled up hand towels will add style without being hard to clean.

You can even hang pictures on the wall for added interest. But do ensure that they are sealed so the damp can’t get to them. Hang them on the wall furthest away from the bath and shower to preserve their life. And generally, don’t hang original oils or watercolours in the bathroom unless you have a big bathroom and a VERY effective extractor fan.

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