Cheap chic is making the most stylish choices when it comes to choosing inexpensive clothing or reinvigorating old clothes you already own.

We all want to look a million bucks because, whether it’s shallow or not, looking a million bucks helps us FEEL a million bucks. However, staying up to date with the latest trends and buying the latest high-end garments tends to come with a price tag to make us gulp. Enter, cheap chic. (and your secret is safe with us).

Luckily, there are certain little tips and tricks you can use to make your cheap clothes look way more expensive and turn your thrift store wardrobe into a designer-looking clothes rail.

So, here are some easy cheap chic ways to look a million bucks without having to break the bank:

cheap chic

Everything Should Fit

The best way to make your cheap chic clothes look a little more expensive is to make sure what you are wearing fits impeccably. This needs to be your priority whenever it comes to buying new clothes.

The good news is, this can take the stress out of shopping. We’ve all been that position where we want to buy two items but can only afford one. Well, from now on, pick the one that fits better. When it looks tailor made it looks expensive.


  • that shoulders aren’t bigger than your own
  • that sleeves fit to the bone on your wrist
  • that you can raise your arms over your head
  • that you can comfortably sit down
  • that buttons aren’t pulled against your boobs or stomach
  • that trouser/jean legs are long enough (try on wih flats and heels)
  • CHECK washing instructions


cheap chic

Care For Your Clothes

The way we care for our cheap chic clothes and present ourselves has a huge impact on whether we look a million bucks. First off, leaving the house in clothes that are wrinkled and crinkled is hardly going to make us look our best, which is why it is always worth ironing clothes. If you are busy, use a shirt ironing service.

The other thing we should do is make sure we follow the instructions on each item’s label. If it requires a cold wash, then cold wash it. Oh, and stop it with the floordrobe; hang your clothes up.


cheap chic

Accessorise With Confidence

When it comes to putting an outfit together, the accessories you choose can make a huge difference. They can completely transform a bland and everyday outfit into something gorgeous, cool and cheap chic.

A white t-shirt and ripped jeans can become so much more when you roll up the trousers slightly and incorporate some chic accessories, let’s say a pair of heels, a colorful bag, a headband and a nice pendant necklace with bangle bracelets.

Let’s not ignore the impact that hats and sunglasses can have too. What’s more, accessories tend to cost a lot less than clothes.


cheap chic

Hair And Skin To Love

Yeah, you want to have a killer outfit, but you don’t want the outfit to wear you; you want to own that outfit and make it look great. That is why should never neglect the way you wear and care for your hair or your skin.

These can both add to the expensive and chic look, and make you feel even more content in who you are.

When it comes to your hair, a blowout, a new cut, or even wearing it in a different way can have an amazing effect. As for your makeup, well, less is more when you are hoping to look like a woman of luxury.

The more makeup you wear the cheaper you make yourself. So figure out what minimal look works best for you and rock it.


cheap chic

The Power of Jewelry

We mentioned accessorizing above, and we quickly dropped in the idea that a pendant and bracelet can shake it up like Taylor Swift. But we decided that it was worth giving this its own section because the right jewelry can really lift an outfit.

With expense and luxury our end-game, the more understated the better. In terms of cost, the more universal this jewelry the better too because that will allow you to wear it with anything in your wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter whether you favor silver or gold, the important thing is to avoid any more costume pieces and have some jewelry that is more classic looking. Small stud earrings, a delicate necklace and matching bracelet, an understated ring.

These will add to a look but won’t overpower your outfit meaning you can wear them over and over.

cheap chic

Our Favourite Fashion Hack

We all have a collection of blazers and jackets and coats that we love, but all too often they look cheap; too cheap to wear on those occasions we want to look fabulous. That is where replacing the buttons can work absolute magic, and it is so simple to do.

All you need is to remove the cheap, plastic buttons that currently adorn these items and then replace them with richer looking ones; say gold, metal, mother of pearl, bone or anything like that.

They barely cost anything either, especially if you go onto Etsy or pop into a trimmings shop and, if you aren’t good with a needle, ask your dry cleaners to do it for you. Simple cheap chic.

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