Charming small balcony makeover ideas are perfect for those who have even a tiny sapce in which to enjoy some outdoor sun.

Small balconies can often become very neglected as the lack of space can leave us feeling a little defeated that there anything we can do with such a small outdoor space. However, that’s not the case at all. There’s hope for even the smallest of balconies with charming small balcony makeover ideas.

So here are our tips on how to make the most of even the tiniest outdoor terrace to really make the most of this valuable little section of outdoor space.

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas: Floor

The floors on balconies are usually, hard, concrete, totally uninviting and completely devoid of any personality. Even the smallest floor spaces deserve a little TLC. There is a flooring option for all balcony sizes to whip them up into shape and instantly transform the space.


Decking can look very chic and sophisticated and, as it can be made to measure, it is a great option for small balconies. Deck tiles are also a really simple way to transform the floor on your balcony from dull and uninspiring to attractive and sleek. Your local hardware store will have modular decking tiles making it very easy to transform the space. You can even include non-slip rubber mats to extra safety.


Our personal favourite, for any outdoor city space, however, is artificial grass. Putting artificial grass down on your balcony can transform any tired and uninviting outdoor space into a verified outdoor oasis. As fake grass is made of plastic it needs minimum maintenance and is protected from getting damaged from the harsh outdoor elements.

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas: Plants

It can be hard to visualise how small balconies can home a variety of plants and greenery, however there is no balcony too small to inject a little splattering of nature.

Even if the floor space is limited, you can hang flower baskets on the outside edge of your balcony, to hook onto your balcony railings, to add colour and freshness to this space.

A plant here and there, in the corners of a balcony are always a great idea to add greenery without taking up any valuable, usable floor space.

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas: Lights

To make your balcony look extra cosy and welcoming, why not hang up some outdoor lights to really bring it to life? There are so many wonderful LED and solar panelled lights available these days that can bring a truly magical appearance to your little balcony.

Try discount retailers such as Deluxe Products and Go Lights for different options including LED furniture and small space solutions.

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas: Privacy

If your balcony has an unattractive view, or if you feel that you are a little too overlooked, to actually enjoy spending any time out there, then there is no reason that you can’t section yourself off a little and enjoy a bit of privacy.

Privacy panels and fencing materials are usually super cheap and are really easy to put up around your balcony railings to give you a little more privacy or to block out unsightly views.

Outdoor curtains are also a really good idea to give you a little more privacy. Again outdoor curtains are generally really cheap and you can even try to make your own. They will prevent any noisy neighbours from being able to look into your home and will also make you feel a little more separate from the world passing by below.

Charming Small Balcony Makeover Ideas

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