Catherine Cervasio is a businesswoman and aromatherapist who has channeled her skills and loves into a unique global brand, and the only Australian brand of its type to be retailed in China.

Over two decades, Catherine has developed personal care products with a focus on babies and become an educator. Whilst using skincare and massage products for delicate babies’ skin is a great bonding activity for parents, Catherine’s expertise goes much deeper. In this interview, Catherine Cervasio discusses why skincare both with and without aroma is helpful for babies. She also talks about skin issues, such as eczema, and empowering women. Catherine conducts mother and baby wellness workshops for midwives and mums overseas including in Dubai, Hong Kong and China.

AromaBaby is currently the only Australian baby skincare brand with registered products in China. It therefore is the only Australian natural baby brand in the Chinese retail market. The mother of two boys, Catherine explains in the interview why she was motivated to start AromaBaby and her work in hospitals, supporting disadvantaged women, and women’s shelters. She is passionate about natural skincare and also the power of ‘touch’.



Catherine Cervasio; Passionate About Skincare and The Power of ‘Touch’

Catherine Cervasio Educates, Mentors and Breaks Down Barriers

The story of how Catherine Cervasio went from mother and aromatherapist to international speaker, mentor, and barrier-breaker is fascinating. Following her own passion for nurturing her children, Catherine’s Diploma in Aromatherapy led to her training as an Infant Massage Instructor. Yes, the two work together beautifully. In the podcast, Catherine talks about the nurturing and healing aspects of aroma but also why some babies may react adversely to some smells. She will tell you what you can do, how to massage your baby without smells, certainly without chemicals, and why bonding may not always come naturally.

Catherine also talks about her work with disadvantaged women, baby massage workshops, and how she came to export to China; a country renowned for its own unique therapies.  Catherine recently won the Hong Kong Australia Business Association Exporter of the Year award for her work in China and Hong Kong, and was a nominee for Telstra Businesswoman of The Year 2016.

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