Carolyn Whitford is the dynamic force behind Sydney-based fashion label, Baz Inc. It’s effortless elegance for women on the go has me HOOKED.

Many fashion designers say they design for busy women but Carolyn Whitford has built Baz Inc. on this very solid philosophy. Busy women go from school drop-off to the office. Then they have client meetings and a quick trip to the supermarket before returning to the office. They bend, stretch, walk, sit, and even run, in their work clothes. Then it’s school pick-up, back home, get dinner, help with homework… collapse with a wine. All trying to look elegant, relaxed and in control.

Carolyn Whitford knows this, understands it, designs for it. Baz Inc. understands working women who love style. So get to know the effervescent Carolyn Whitford in this new podcast.



Caroline Whitford Designs for Stylish Women On The Go. Meet Baz Inc.

Why Baz Inc. is So Personal to Carolyn Whitford

The history of a business name can be a personal thing, as it is with Carolyn Whitford. In the interview, you’ll hear Carolyn talk about her childhood nickname – Basil Brush – and why she was so called. That was eventually shortened to Baz. Hence her very personal business name.

Baz Inc. is soft florals, elegant fabrics, flexible designs, and massive style.

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