Building muscle doesn’t mean bulking muscle. Depending on the results you require, different exercises and muscle work come into play.

Whether or not you are keen on actual building muscle per se, you still need to make sure that you are looking after them in the healthiest way.

Your muscles are, after all, a big and important part of your bodily health. It’s definitely a good idea to make sure that you are properly taking care of them day after day. In order to be able to do that, you need to understand some of the real science behind building muscle and muscle growth.

building muscle

Knowing how muscles grow and what you actually need to do to look after them or grow them will ensure that you are doing everything in your power to keep them strong and healthy.

This will further improve your overall body health, and so is very important indeed. Let’s look at the science behind buiulding muscle and the care required.

Body Types And Their Effect On Muscle Growth

Not all bodies are made equal. The truth is that different people find it easier or harder to build muscle, depending on their body type.

Scientists generally say there are three main body types in relation to building muscle. Look at what they are so you can see which you are. This will determine how easy or hard you are likely to find it to look after your muscles properly.

First of all, we have the ectomorph type. This body type tends to have more fat cells, and will be shorter in stature as well.

Then you have the mesomorph, the ideal body type for building muscle. These individuals build muscle fast, have fewer fat reserves, and wider shoulder with smaller waists.

Finally, you have the tall, lanky types, known officially as the endomorph.

building muscle

You can’t do much about your type, and it is likely that you share characteristics with two types. But understanding your own body type will enable you to know what you need to do when building muscle more effectively, and look after your muscles better.

Body type is not everything, but it does make a difference.

Understanding Calories

One of the main challenges when you are trying to build muscle is to know how many calories you need to be taking in.

This can be surprisingly hard to do, but it is essential if you want to be able to build muscle successfully and fast.

How many calories you need will depend on many variables: for instance, your body type, the amount that you tend to keep in when you eat, and your metabolism.

building muscle

It’s also a matter of knowing the general guidelines for what calories you need in a day for building muscle, along with more advanced topics such as those discussed on Aretheyonsteroids and other websites.

The more you understand how calories work and how many you need, the better.

How Muscles Actually Grow

There is much to be gained from understanding the basics of how a muscle actually grows, so let’s take a quick look at that.

First of all, when you exercise a muscle, you cause tiny tears in the muscle fiber. These muscle fibers then heal, and when they do they reappear bigger than before.

building muscle

This, in essence, is how your muscles grow bigger when you exercise. This is also a clear indicator of why the resting period between workouts is so important.

If you want to look after your muscles properly not only does it mean you will be taking better care of your muscles – it is also during this resting stage when your muscles actually do the growing that you are looking for.

So be sure to allow your muscles room for relaxation if you want them to have room for growth.

The Importance Of Tension

It’s not just about the fibre being torn, anyway. You also need to understand the value of the way in which you apply tension to the muscle.

It is this tension which ultimately causes the tear, of course, but it’s also true that the tension itself has some effect on the growth of the muscle.

building muscle

The reasoning behind having to lift heavier and heavier weights is because you need to apply more and more tension to the muscle in order to see it develop.

This is why weights must increase, as otherwise you won’t apply the tension necessary in order to actually see that growth. Know this well, and you will be able to build that muscle faster.

building muscle

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