Budget winter renovation ideas are your go-to redecorating suggestions as the Northern Hemisphere winds into cold weather and the festive season.

Holidays are coming, and they are coming very quickly. And that may mean relatives coming to stay. It’s almost time to climb up into the loft, dig out the Christmas tree, and start looking for the perfect turkey for Christmas Day. So budget winter renovation ideas will also save some cash in the budget.

Many households will be focused on Christmas and holidays not renovations. However, having some time off is a good time to do some simple renovations around the home ready for the festive season.

Companies such as Kre8WA.com.au offer renovation and interior services to help you get your home in tip-top shape for Christmas. Or, if you want to try your hand at doing things yourself, here’s how you can do it.

budget winter renovation ideas

DIY Budget Winter Renovation Ideas

Install New Bathroom Hardware

Replacing your bath, shower, or tapware might seem like a task you’d rather leave. But if you want to update your bathroom and make it feel brand new, replacing these things can make a huge difference. Not only will your bathroom look nicer, but you could install a more powerful shower to make the cold time of year go by that bit easier.

Your small bathroom will feel bigger if you install new frameless glass shower screens. And to keep you really cosy, install a heat lamp-light-exhaust-fan combo, heated towel ladders or underfloor heating. Yum!

Spruce Up the Walls

You may have already painted your walls when you moved into your home. Whilst white is a great colour, enjoy the freedom to add your own colours to the room; adding a bright feature wall might be exactly what you need to make your home feel warm and lived in.

Paint is universally popular for budget winter renovation ideas and it can be easily changed. Grab some Painter’s Tape and experiment with geometric patterns and stripes. You can even buy sample pots in co-ordinating colours; you don’t have to buy big tins of paint.

budget winter renovation ideas

Turn Kitchen Cabinets into Shelving

If you have a lot of cupboards in your kitchen, you might want to consider taking the doors of some of the cabinets to make space in the room and display your fancy mugs and plates. It might also give you that perfect opportunity to add some tinsel and other decorations to the space, in case you didn’t have enough decorations already.

Open shelving can be painted a different colour from the cupboards. For example, if you have natural wood cupboards paint open shelving in a rich, deep blue. Bring that colour ino the room with a kitchen floor rug, tea towels, or useful canisters.

Make your Home Cosy

In addition to ading some festive touches, make your home feel warmer and more inviting by adding in some soft furnishings. If you are ever in doubt on how to make your home look nicer; add in some colourful cushions and a plush throw for good measure.

If you want your guests to feel cosy in the evenings, light some tea lights, a festive spice candle and hang up some fairy lights for some ambience. You can find some great ideas to make your home cosy here: https://www.popsugar.com/home/Affordable-Ways-Make-Your-Home-Feel-Cozy-35695735

budget winter renovation ideas

Don’t Call Me Penny Interior Design

Make Small Windows Seem Bigger

If you have chunky curtains or blinds covering up your windows, get rid of them. You will create the illusion of more space and allow in valuable natural daylight. If you need drapes for insulation, ensure the curtain hardware has space well back from the sides of the window so curtains can be fully drawn open to maximise natural light.

You can also add some big mirrors to your rooms to make the space feel larger, as well as bouncing the natural light through your entire home.

There are some really easy ways to make your home ready for Christmas, so get down to business and make some changes while you can.

budget winter renovation ideas

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