On a budget house moving is just another one of the stressful items that come with packing up and shifting. If the kids aren’t making pirate ships out of the packing boxes the cat will keep bringing in dead animal trophies.

Moving house can be incredibly expensive. Along with the actual fees of buying or renting a home and redecorating a new place, you have moving costs to consider too. Depending on how you go about it, this can run into many hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. However, there are some ways you can keep costs to a minimum so that moving to your new property doesn’t break the bank. Here are three budget house moving ideas to get you in the mood.

#1 Budget House Moving: Hire a Van

Hiring a large van and moving yourself is always going to be cheaper than hiring professional movers. However, if you’re moving a long way, the idea of such a long trip with everything you own can be scary. Plus, returning the van is another issue to factor in. If that’s the case, you could consider using cheap interstate removalists. You save money by packing yourself, but get the benefits of a professional and insured company for a safe, smooth journey from A to B. Whichever option you decide on, be sure to book this as soon as possible. These companies can fill up quickly, and you don’t want to be left stranded on moving day with no way to transport your stuff.

budget house moving

#2 Budget House Moving: Ask Friends and Family To Help

Getting friends and family to pitch in and help you pack up your belongings saves you hiring a company. It’s not the most fun job in the world, but loved ones are sure to help you out and can make things so much easier. Make sure you supply beer and pizza. Alternatively, start packing as early as possible. As soon as you have your moving date, start putting away non-essential items. It’s advisable to start at the top of the house and work your way down, so you could begin boxing up items in the attic first.

Have a good declutter as you go, if there are things you no longer need it makes no sense moving them to a new house. As stressful as a house move can be, it’s an excellent opportunity to start fresh and really clear out the junk you’ve been holding onto for too long! Other ways family and friends can help is looking after children or pets for you during the move. This stops them from getting under your feet, getting stressed or potentially injured. Having loved ones watch them for you saves you money on childminders and pet sitters.

budget house moving

Supply beer and pizza if you want friends to help

#3 Budget House Moving: Take Some Items Yourself

If you’re going to be driving to the new place yourself, it makes sense to take some things with you. If you’re not moving too far and have your keys ahead of your official moving date, you could even do a few trips yourself to make the day itself less stressful. Anything that’s particularly valuable or you’re worried about getting lost, take yourself. Laptops, jewellery, family heirlooms. That way you can keep track of them from the old house to the new, and have peace of mind that they’ve made it safely.

Of course, you can always not move anything and just buy new furniture too 😉

budget house moving

Home Styling and Decluttering

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