Budget home improvements are about providing you with a stylish and liveable home that will also add financial value to your home, if you decide to sell.

Most people want to have a comfortable and stylish home, but not everyone has the budget to add extensions or do loft conversions. That said, you don’t have to let your finances dictate the budget home improvements you can take on this year.

Some of the following projects can be done on inexpensively, whereas others might cost up front, but result in massive savings in the near future

Make Garden Improvements

When summer hits, everyone wants to hang out in the garden. A garden with a deck is in high demand with homebuyers, so building a deck in your garden can increase the value and desirability of your home in case you ever want to sell.

In terms of budget home improvements for decking, if you either rent or can’t build a new wooden deck, try your local hardware store for clip-together wooden patio tiles that can be laid without foundations. Lay them on level ground or already laid bricks or pavers.

If you’re perfectly happy with your patio, however, then you can look into installing flat roof patios to provide you with a little extra shade during peak sunlight hours.

Flat roofs have the simplest design, use fewer materials, and take less time to install, so the cost of getting one might not be as steep as you think. Much like a deck, patio roofs also add value to your home.

Another idea is to create an ‘arbour’ effect using wood or metal structures to ‘train’ vines, climbing roses, wisteria, bourganvillea, etc.

budget home improvements

Be Energy-Efficient

Never underestimate the power of green. By now everyone knows that switching to energy saving light bulbs and switching off your appliances can save you money on your energy bills, but perhaps it’s time your went further.

Upgrading your windows to double-glazed will reduce the amount of heat that escapes from them by 18 percent, and it will to reduce damp and condensation in your home.

Effective insulation in your roof will slow the rate that heat escapes from your house in winter by 25 percent, and will also slow the rate that heat gets into your house during the summer.

Older hot water systems waste around 35 percent of the fuel they use, whereas modern boilers are condensing boilers, which means they have a larger heat exchanger, so they recover more heat, send cooler gases up the flue, and are more efficient.

Solar panels generate the electricity in your home, save you money on your bills, and earn you a discount on your property tax. With so many budget home improvements available to you, the only question you should ask yourself is, “Which one should I try first?”

budget home improvements

Update Your Appliances

Speaking of saving on your energy bills, are you aware of how much water and electricity your kitchen appliances use? Technology has made dramatic strides since the 1970s; modern appliances are more energy efficient than their predecessors, so you’re actually wasting more money by not upgrading.

Refrigerators and freezers, for example, aren’t something you can afford to turn off, so it’s better for your finances if you buy something that cuts down on your electricity consumption.

Energy efficient dishwashers also cost less to run than the lowest rated dishwashers of the same size, and they use less water which is good news for your water bills. Over the course of time, you will save far more than what you paid for the new appliance.

budget home improvements

Renew With Paint and Tiling

Nothing smartens up a home more quickly than a lick of paint and some fabulous new tiles. Painting is the easiest way to refresh and up-date any space whilst adding value for future purchasers. It’s reatively cheap, excellent for budget home improvements, and can be aquired in absolutely ANY colour you desire.

Tiles, both inside and outside the home, add value and a new feel to any area – wall, floor, splashback, courtyard, pool surround, etc. If you have any chipped and broken tiles replace them immediately. Even this small chore will up-date a space and make it feel fresh.

budget home improvements

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