Bright interiors will lift the flow and vibe of your home making it a much more liveable space. There are several easy ways to create bright interiors that will be pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul.

There’s nothing better than walking into a room and feeling an overwhelming sense of beauty and brightness. Whether it’s natural sunlight beaming in or well-placed ceiling lamps that illuminate your room, it’s beautifully relaxing to be in a well-lit room.

Lights can be our best friend but also our worst enemy. They can make a room seem uninteresting if too much light is used or if it clashes with the paint and furniture. However, with the right combination of redecorating tips and expert advice, you can turn a dull and dark room into a wonderfully vibrant one. Here are four expert design tips to get you started with brightening up your house.

bright interiors

Bright Interiors: No Dark Colours

First-time painters should seek some basic professional tips. You can get away with dark carpets or hardwood floors but not when paired with dark walls and ceiling. Lighter paint on the walls will make the floors ‘pop’ if they are nicely contrasted. Paints in pastel colours or even the perfect white are great colours to paint a room if you want to focus on making an area look fresh, vibrant and beautiful. Painting with dark colours will make a room feel more personal and intimate, but it will never give the desired effect of having a bright room. If you must have some darker colour in your room, then consider limiting it to the floor and accessories.

Bright Interiors: Replace Flooring

As mentioned before, dark colours aren’t appropriate on walls if you want to lighten and brighten a room. However, if you wish to use dark colours on the walls then lighten the flooring. You could consider timber flooring from Market Timbers if you want to give your room a natural bright feel, or you can use bright white carpets and tiles. White carpets attract stains and the vibrancy can dull after a while. Ensure you are cleaning them on a regular basis and that the room in which they are installed can easily be cleaned professionally. That means minimal furniture and no messy activities such as eating or arts and craft.

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Bright Interiors: Utilise Natural Light

Windows are your main source of natural light, and warmth in the winter, so ensure you don’t block the sun. Of course, in the summer heat you may wish to use outdoor blinds or indoor curtains. To create brighter spaces, move large pieces of furniture away from the windows and ensure blinds and curtains can reveal the full window when required. When you clear space from around a window the natural light floods the room washing away all the bland and dull accents of your room.

Not only does it make your room look and feel brighter, it will actually look cleaner as well because of the reflections off metals, mirrors, and light walls. This gives ambient shine to everything in the room.

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Bright Interiors: Declutter

The most common reason for a room to look less than design-worthy in the first place is the presence of clutter. If there are too many objects in the room, there are more surfaces on which to cast shadows and darken the area. This can include large pieces of furniture with too much surface area, too many opaque surfaces, and wires and cables that dangle overhead or stick out of tables and shelves. Hide cables, pack away large useless pieces of furniture, and consider replacing surfaces with clear glass pieces, such as a coffee table or dining table.

Try to remove as much clutter as possible without totally packing away your personality. If items can be put in cupboards or in a display box instead of strewn around then you’ll also feel better. Clutter can have a detrimental effect on how you feel – too much ‘stuff’ can make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. So decluttering should make you happier as well as providing a beautiful interior.

bright interiors

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