Bright ideas abound when it comes to the endless ways you can redecorate the interior of your home. But have you thought about bright ideas to add colour to the exterior of your home?

The exterior of your home can often be more important than your interior design. It’s the first impression people have of the way you live so bright ideas can be inspiring and rewarding. After all, more people see the outside of your home than the inside.

Yes, passersby won’t stop staring at your home if you brighten up the exterior with a few of these fun ideas. They’re easy to implement too, so you can attempt them right away.

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Build A Garden Fence

If you have an open front garden, then you can improve it dramatically by building a nice little fence around it. Not only does this make your property more secure and private, but it also helps brighten up your home exterior.

Paint the gate in any colour you like, and it breathes new life into your property. You’ll have instantly improved kerb appeal in a couple of hours!

bright ideas

Plant Some Vibrant Flowers

Another excellent way of adding a splash of colour to your home exterior is by planting some vibrant flowers in the front/back garden.

Use bright colours like yellow, pink, red, and purple to create a work of art. My advice is to plant them using a hydroponic system as the flowers tend to grow quicker and require less effort on your behalf.

If you really want to improve the way your home looks, then hang some flower baskets or place some pots outside your front door. Again, it brightens the place up and stops your house from looking dull and dark.

bright ideas

Use Colourful Garden Furniture

Stepping out to your back garden for a second and there is one brilliant way of brightening up your exterior; colourful garden furniture.

If you have a decking/patio area, then get some furniture in very vibrant and bright colours. To add to this, you can get plenty of bright pillows to add extra colour to the area.

Even if you don’t have decking/patio, you can still get a set of bright garden chairs to place on the grass and sit on in the summer months.

bright ideas

Outdoor Fairy Lights

If you thought fairy lights were only suitable for Christmas, then think again! You can drape some gorgeous little ones around the back of your house or on covered areas of decking/patio.

When the sun goes down, these little beauties will brighten up your back garden and leave it looking lovely and colourful. It’s the perfect way to impress any guests at a summer garden party!

Keep Your Lawn As Green As Can Be

Finally, you can really ruin the exterior beauty of your home is your lawn is yellow and patchy. It doesn’t turn any heads, and you need to sort it out right away!

So, focus on maintaining your lawn to keep it as green as possible at all times. The main tip here is to avoid cutting it too short!

bright ideas

You might think this is smart as it means you have to wait longer before cutting it again. However, short lawns can get cut up and muddy real quick, so try keeping them a bit longer.

Try any of these ideas, and you’ll soon brighten up your home and increase your kerb appeal!

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