Blissful living is what we all seek in a busy world with daily stress. If your home is your castle then make it the most blissed out and comfortable space possible. Walk through the front door and feel like you’re on holiday… every day.


blissful living

Blissful Living in Your Bathroom

Let’s go out on a limb and make a bold claim; there is not much that’s less enjoyable in your home than a weak shower. No one’s saying that you have to invest in the most powerful shower of all time. You don’t need to be blasted from one end of the bathroom to the other, hurricane-style, as you attempt to exfoliate your shins. However, if your shower isn’t much more than a weak trickle then it’s time to get it replaced.

Another small aspect of your bathroom that can drastically improve your daily life is a heated towel rack. Sounds simple but honestly, it’s effective – it’s luxurious to step out of the shower and into a warm cozy towel. You’ll love the fact that you can dry it and your bathmat quickly after you’re done in the bathroom. No more lingering scent of damp cloths! Heaven.

blissful living

Blissful Living in Your Bedroom

There’s very little in the world more blissful than sleeping in on the weekends. On those mornings your bed has magically become the most comfortable place in the world. If you have young kids, those mornings probably seem like a far off dream – but don’t worry, because they will come again! Your kids will go to sleepovers and they’ll turn into teenagers who are horrified at the concept of getting up before midday and then you’ll be allowed to stay in bed with coffee and toast until ten AM again.

If you aren’t fully comfortable in bed then try out a memory foam mattress topper that will mould to your shape when you’re trying to get to sleep. If you wake up with a sore back and neck then you might be having problems with your pillows. Good quality sheets are always worth a little extra money – not only do they wash well, but they’ll also feel like silk against your skin. Go for a high thread count – and remember that Egyptian cotton really does feel as deliciously soft as everyone says it does!

A bedroom can be the perfect place to create your own little slice of heaven with colours of your choice – soft green and beige are very on-trend for 2017 – and also delicious corners to in which to relax. Have you seen upcycling ideas to a dream bedroom here on The Style Podcast?

blissful living

Blissful Living in Your Kitchen

You might not associate standing over a hot stove with comfort but the truth is that you need to try to make yourself as comfortable as possible in the kitchen. The best way to do that is generally through lighting. You may need some bright white overhead lights so you can see exactly what you’re doing while you’re cooking. Another great option is downlights concealed beneath cupboards that beam light onto the counter tops.

blissful living

However, when you sit down to eat you won’t necessarily want a bright light glaring at you overhead. Opt for some golden standing lights or pendants as well to create an intimate, warm family atmosphere in which to have dinner. Also, ensure that your kitchen has good ventilation while you’re cooking! There’s nothing as unpleasant as being boiling hot when you finish cooking while being uncomfortably aware that your hair smells strongly of onions.

blissful living

Blissful Living in Your Living Room

Frankly, what’s the point in a living room if it isn’t comfortable? You deserve to indulge in nights at home being glued to ‘Game of Thrones’ or enjoying the company of friends. No-one ever regretted buying a high-quality couch so you can stretch out and feel as though you’re sitting on a cloud. Having enough seating is absolutely crucial for your living room if you want to have family movie nights – no one will react well to sitting on the floor! (Unless it’s your three year old who’s having one of those days where he likes to pretend to be a dog and won’t stop barking at you.)

Ottomans and foot-stools that can either double as a coffee or side table or be stowed out of the way are great extra seating in a living room. Get comfortable pillows and throws for your couch and consider other methods of seating that’ll keep you comfortable – beanbag chairs like this one ( are fantastically comfortable and also add stylish pizazz to any room. Finally, don’t let your toes get cold on the floor in winter – if you have hardwood flooring or tiles then cover with a good quality rug!

blissful living

Blissful Living in Your Hallway

Why do we give so little time and consideration to our hallways? They’re often the last thing we see before we leave in the morning and the first thing we return to at night. Surely we should place a little more importance on them than we already do. They can be used in ways that you probably haven’t even considered – such as including a bookcase to act as storage. This will save other rooms in your house from being overshadowed by walls full of your library of your favourite novels. You should make sure that your hallway is well lit and that a timer brings the light on in the evenings. When you unlock your front door it’s like a welcoming hug.This will say hello to visitors and welcome them in. And it will also make sure that your terrible teenagers don’t go tracking mud all over your house!

blissful living

Blissful Living in Your Kids’ Rooms

You need to remember that you’ll be spending quite a lot of time in your kids’ rooms, whether you’re tidying, cleaning up clothes or singing your littlest baby to sleep, so you need to make sure that it’s comfortable for you as much as it is for your kids. If you have a baby invest in a rocking chair. Ensure you put it near a power socket so you can use your phone or your tablet while you’re nursing or cuddling your baby back to sleep. When you get your child a toddler bed ensure there’s enough space for you to cuddle up in there and read them a story at night – remember that emotional comfort is every bit as important as physical.

blissful living

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