A big bathroom renovation may be required even if you have a small bathroom. Bathrooms are often the most complex room in the house to renovate.

Generally when home owners want a big bathroom renovation they want it NOW. However, before you start ordering tiles and spilling all your plans to renovators, there are a few things you have to consider first.

Big Bathroom Renovation Tips

Take into account the central elements of bathroom design and must-have features to end up with a bathroom you really love. These are some key elements to consider;

big bathroom renovation


Who uses it?

This is the question that’s going to inform most of your choices. For instance, if it’s a shared bathroom, then how is it shared? Is this an adult bathroom or a kids bathroom? Is it a guest bathroom?

If people use it separately, those without enough space can partition one section from the other to afford some privacy. For example, an etched glass privacy screen.

On the other hand, if two people use it together then splitting features like a double vanity can stop the two of you from elbowing each other while brushing your teeth in the morning.

If it’s a bathroom for solo use, then you have a lot more freedom do design somehting that’s bespoke just for you.


Space and storage

When a number of people use a bathroom, the most influencing factor is likely to be space and storage.

The amount of space in a bathroom is fixed to a degree by the size of the room but that doesn’t mean that design elements can’t help you change that.

For instance, if you have a smaller bathroom, then allow for more usable space by installing shower doors that slide instead of pivot doors that open up into the room.

If you need more storage space for more people, then you can go vertical. Elevate the sink from the floor, for instance, so that you can put storage beneath. Or use stylish luggage racks to store towels above head height. Over the bath may be a good spot.

Or you can use vertical radiators to have more wall space for a set of drawers.

big bathroom renovation

Bathroom design by Shaynna Blaze



In a big bathroom renovation, don’t forget the fact that moisture and heat are going to build up. If you don’t fully consider airflow, it will make your beautoful new bathroom stuffy, uncomfortable, and even unhygienic.

That means you’ll be dealing with signs of damp much more often than you should. If you’re repositioning your bath or shower, then make sure that they stay close to any ventilation installations.

If you have a ceiling fan, you can even use the door to improve ventilation. By lifting it slightly less than an inch above the floor, it allows a lot more air to travel beneath it, keeping the circulation in the bathroom healthy.



In a big bathroom renovation, maximize the light available to include as much natural light as possible and artificial sources, such as a cluster of small crystal pendants in a dark corner.

Natural lighting tends to look more pleasant, so maximizing that where possible is your goal. With frosted windows, you can go light on window treatments allowing a lot more light in.

The same goes for using glass shower doors instead of curtains. The color of the room and the size and number of mirrors are also going to make a big difference in how natural light gets reflected through the space.

But don’t forget to consider when you’re not getting that natural light in, as well. Are you going to need extra task lighting for the vanity or the shower?

A poorly lit bathroom is one that looks dirtier and feels much less comfortable.

For a beautiful range of designer and discount lights, check out Go-Lights who are Australian owned and operated.

big bathroom renovation

Bathroom Design by Three Birds for Taubmans



The colour of a bathroom can have a big impact on how well natural light travels through it.

But that’s not the only thing you should consider when it comes to deciding the style that you want. This is entirely personal so your big bathroom renovation could be anything from industrial or rustic luxe to old Hollywood glamour or stark minimaism.

For those who like to keep things functional and quick, then a minimalist style might be a good solution. Or if you want to feel like your bathroom is your own personal haven, then the cozy style of the country bathroom might be for you.

Deciding on your style now is important. Mixing a contemporary bath with old-fashioned furnishings is possible, but you want to coordinate in advance to avoid wasting money on fittings that don’t fit.

For expert Interior Design advice contact Penelope Herbert at our sister site, Don’t Call Me Penny.



Regardless of the style you go for, a feeling of comfort is crucial in the bathroom and often that means you have to make room for it.

When choosing a bath, don’t forget to base the dimensions that afford you the most comfortable bathing space, not just how it looks.

Similarly, if you like taking baths, then you should consider where you’re going to put the storage for any soaps, scented candles and body butters you like to have with it.

You don’t want to have to reach halfway across the room or even get out of the bath entirely when you feel like adding a touch of luxury. Everyone deserves a bit of comfort in their bathroom.

For beautiful bathroom accessories try Bed Bath ‘n Table and for scented candles and diffusers try Circa Home.

big bathroom renovation



Choosing your style isn’t just about what appeals to you aesthetically, either. You should consider how easy it is to actually be able to live with the bathroom.

Mostly, that comes down to making it easier to clean. Woods, for instance, tend to be more temperamental in areas with high levels of humidity. Choose where you use them carefully and know that you’re going to have to maintain their varnish over time. Or choose waterproof and moisture resistance engineered wood solutions.

Similarly, if you’re using tiles, then you could choose glazed porcelain tiles instead of the matte variety. If you’re willing to do a little more cleaning to maintain a bathroom that fits your specifications, that’s all well and good. Just know what you’re getting into.

You don’t want a bathroom that’s too cramped to fit you and your partner. You don’t want a bathroom that takes more time to clean than the time you spend using it.

And you definitely don’t want a bathroom that doesn’t feel comfortable and stylish. Make sure you consider all of the above or you might end up with one of those disheartening results.

big bathroom renovation


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