Better sleep is sought by most people on the planet. However, when you are too hot it’s even more of an issue to get a good nights sleep. So what can you do?

The summer heat and early morning sun can result in lots of sleepless nights for many people. If you’re finding it uncomfortable to sleep this summer, here are a few better sleep changes to help you get your shuteye.

Better Sleep, Tip #1: Upgrade to cooler bedding

If you’re getting sweaty in the night, consider opting for more breathable sheets that will keep you from overheating.

Bamboo fibre sheets are the best options for keeping cool and could help you to sleep. You can buy these bamboo sheets online.

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There are various specialist duvets and pillows out there with fillings that are able to stay cool in the heat.

One such product is the Chillow, which stays cool throughout the night – you’ll no longer need to search for the cold side of the pillow.

Better Sleep, Tip #2: Put your linen in the freezer before you go to bed

If you want to take extra steps to make your bedding cool, you could even stick your sheets in the freezer for five minutes before going to bed.

This will cool them down enough to help you get to sleep. Obviously, you don’t want to be putting them in there for any longer than five minutes – icy bedsheets might be a step too far!

Better Sleep, Tip #3: Keep the sunlight out with blackout curtains

For keeping out the morning sun, it’s worth fitting some blackout curtains in your room. These can also help to keep the heat out when kept closed during the day.

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There are also other options to consider such as blackout blinds or hardwood plantation shutters for something more classic.

You can even install remote control blackout curtains that you can operate from your bed.

Better Sleep, Tip #4: Install a ceiling fan

Installing a ceiling fan could also help to cool you down at night and help you sleep. Ceiling fans are more energy efficient than air conditioning and more effective at dispersing air around the room than tower fans.

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Ceiling fans should be set to counterclockwise – this will help to drag cool air up from the floor and disperse this air around the room.

Better Sleep, Tip #5: Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water could also be affecting your sleep quality in the summer. We should all be drinking 8 glasses of water a day and more in hot weather.

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Not drinking this amount could be making you dehydrated at night. Make sure to bring a glass of water with you at night – if you drink a lot in the night it could be worth bringing a jug or bottle of water.