Your best home should have a warm and cosy vibe…yes, even in summer. Because cosy isn’t necessarily related to warmth; it’s about how fabulous your home feels. You can achieve this with a few simple tips.

Rather than trying to design a house that looks fashionable or trendy, focus on creating your best home with a cosy and welcoming aura.

That might mean something different for every homeowner. However, the crucial thing is that you’re thinking about your own preferences and the those of your family members.

Of course, certain things apply almost universally when it comes to creating a your best home. Gain inspiration from Pinterest or a reputable interior design blog. However, here are a few examples to get you inspired.


Your Best Home Will… create a beautiful first impression.

This is essential to making your home feel cosy. No matter how well designed the interior of your household, a bad first impression can ruin the overall feel of your abode. You should be able to return home to a welcoming sight.

best home

However, if you feel uninspired by the appearance of your house as you pull into the driveway it might be time to make a change. Little details can be very powerful when it comes to interior and exterior design.

Your Best Home Will… show some colour.

Line your driveway and front path with flowers and plants to give your outdoor space some colour. Some hanging baskets on either side of your front door could make this space more vibrant too.

If you don’t have much of a garden, use your front porch or patio to showcase colour. Add vibrant cushions to an outdoor setting or paint pot plant containers in bright hues.

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Don’t forget about your back garden either, of course. It might not be the first thing you see when you get home, but it’s still a part of your home’s exterior design.

You don’t want to look out of your kitchen or bedroom window and see an overgrown jungle where your garden should be.

Start with a bit of gardening to tidy up the space; plant some new flowerbeds. You should also look at some ranges of patios if you really want to make your garden cosier.

A patio space essentially creates an outdoor lounge in your garden. With a nice sofa or a dining table, you could really make your outdoor space feel like home.


Your Best Home Will… have a sense of spaciousness

Even if you live in a tiny cottage, because you prefer a smaller living environment, every home should boast a sense of spaciousness. To explain, we’re talking about living in a house that utilises space well.

best home

A cluttered mansion can feel less spacious than a decluttered cottage or bungalow. A comfortable house doesn’t need an excessive amount of space; it just needs a layout that makes the most of that space.

If you feel like that your home is too crowded then you might want to declutter. Get rid of unwanted belongings and give your household a minimalistic appearance.

With fewer unnecessary belongings, your home will feel larger and more welcoming.


Your Best Home Will… give off a warm vibe

Cosiness and warmth are two concepts that often go hand in hand. So, if you want a cosy home then it makes sense that you should try to adopt a warm vibe throughout your house.

best home

Lighting can have a big effect on the mood of a room. With winter approaching, use table and floor lamps to create warmth in darker and colder rooms. Lighting with an orange hue creates a more relaxed and warm vibe.

The ambience of a house really matters. Use some candles for the dinner table too; that definitely helps to create a warm vibe.

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