Everyone has a best beauty tip; skincare, laughter, happiness, drinking water, and didn’t Cyndi Lauper say that girls just want to have fun? That’s a great way to create beauty but does it mean we can also look younger?

To most women, looking great means looking younger. Ladies of all ages do things like exercising regularly as well as moisturizing to tackle the signs of ageing. However, what some of us forget is that the key to appearing younger is taking care of our eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, and they say a lot about a woman without uttering a word. The good news is that the window can sparkle again with these ‘del-EYE-tful’ beauty tips.

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Best Beauty Tip #1: Banish Dark Circles

Aargh! How many times do we have to look in the mirror and see dark circles staring back? Well, there is no need to do it any longer. Dark circles around the eyes are a sure-fire sign that we aren’t at our best. It might be that we haven’t had enough sleep or might be a little stressed. Whatever the reason, it’s there for everyone to see with a single glance. With the help of concealer, the circles can be a thing of the past. Just take a small-headed brush and apply a yellow formula that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone.

With the help of concealer, the circles can be a thing of the past. Just take a small-headed brush and apply a yellow formula that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone. Blend well and ensure the concealer colour works perfectly with your foundation.

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Best Beauty Tip #2: Throw Away The Glasses

Specs can look sexy. However, they are hard to pull off all of the time because they only suit certain looks. Plus, the frames and the lenses hide the eyes even if they aren’t bulky. Plenty of us wear glasses and wish we didn’t have to, but soldier on regardless. The truth is that there is no need for them thanks to eye surgery and contact lenses.

Surgery may seem scary, but pictures of lasik eye surgery before and after will ease any fears. I have had Lasik surgery and it was the best thing I ever did. Still not content? Contact lenses are the next best choice even if putting them in every day is annoying. Not everyone can wear contacts as there are issues with the moisture content in your eyes. However, if you can wear contacts why not get a coloured set? My Asian friend has stunning blue contact lenses, and they look amazeballs.

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Best Beauty Tip #3: Winning Lashes

Now that the glasses aren’t an impediment, it’s time to take care of your eyelashes. For years, they have hidden behind a bulky frame just waiting for a chance. Now that they have one, they won’t disappoint. The trick is to make them stand out by adding more volume with an eyelash curler. Lots of retailers try and sucker us in by presenting a mediocre product in a pretty package, which is why we have to be careful. A recommendation from a friend is always the best way to avoid dodgy eyelash curlers. Once you have the right eyelash curler, warm them up a little with the hairdryer and apply then gently from the root to the tip.

Of course, you can use false eyelashes. But as celebrity makeup artist Ant Adams says in his podcast, apply with tweezers not your fingertips.

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Best Beauty Tip #4: Fill In Eyebrows

It might sound silly, but it’s time to forget the eyes for a minute. The reason is that our other facial features affect the way they look. If the eyebrows and lips aren’t full, for instance, the eyes won’t pop. Let’s look at shaping the brows because lips are easier to tackle. What the experts suggest is to pull the skin tight first so that there is a smooth surface. Then, apply the powder in the same direction that the hairs grow. Concentrate on the less dense areas for maximum effect.

The best products are eyebrow pomades but use a good quality pencil and brush as a second option.

The eyes are essential to looking younger, so give them the care they deserve.

best beauty tip

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