Bedroom updates are a delicious way to decorate at any time of the year. However, some readers of this blog will find winter whizzing by and it’s going to be Spring before we know it.

In fact, in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather already seems to be lifting with the sun coming out to play for a few more hours a day. And as Spring does rear its lovely head, we need to be ready for the warmer weather. In fact, here are some simple bedroom updates you can make now so that you are ready for Spring to arrive.

Add some flowers to your bedroom

One of the best thing about Spring is the arrival of beautiful flowers. Not only do they start flourishing again in the garden, but you will notice a big array at supermarkets and in florists during the spring months. There’s nothing better than adding a touch of Spring to your bedside table with a bunch of flowers. Therefore, get out a vase and add some gorgeous flowers. You’ll be surprised how much it lifts the room and makes it look brighter.

Add floral motifs with new bed sheets, colourful floral cushions, or a Spring time throw for the back of a chair or the couch. You can always change these up for warmer colours and faux fur when the colder months arrive. Yes, bedroom updates can easily be seasonal.

bedroom updates

Go for lighter bedding

During the winter months, you tend to cover your bed with a wealth of heavy duvets and sheets. You want to remain warm when the temperature plunges. because there’s nothing worse than waking up in the night with a chill during bad weather. But now that Spring is on its way, it’s time to change those sheets to a lighter selection.

In terms of bedroom updates for Spring, opt for a lighter duvet (10.5 tog would be ideal) which will allow you to have a good night’s rest without waking up too hot. And then you can get bed linen from Richard Haworth and other brands which will also help you to maintain the right temperature. After all, you don’t want sheets which leave you sweating. If you still feel like you are getting too cold in the night, have a beautiful throw handy to pull up if it’s cold. And during the day it can stay on the bed looking ‘stylish’.

bedroom updates

Paint your bedroom a lighter colour

Just before winter began, you may have given the bedroom a darker look in preparation for the winter months. After all, colours like rich purple often give the room a warm feel. However, now that Spring is on its way, you need to go lighter with your room. For example, a soft pink or cream will look brighter for the Spring months and beyond. Pair with rose gold or copper metallic accents for the most modern of bedroom updates. When the sun is pouring in, it will lift the room and make it look brighter. Therefore, it’s time to get out your paintbrush and give the room a new colour in time for spring to arrive!

And hopefully, these changes ready for the new season will help you to sleep better. After all, nearly half of women struggle to get a proper night’s sleep.

bedroom updates

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