Bedroom design is highly personal and can create great divisions between couples. So when it comes to redecorating your bedroom, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration – especially if you’re sharing it with someone else.

bedroom design

Calais in Silver from Rich Textures Bedlinen

There are always bedroom design ideas that creep in to show the personality of each person, but one will usually dominate overall. You need to effectively collaborate on bedroom design so that one person doesn’t feel completely pushed out. They’ll want their stamp on the room recognised too. So there are certain things that can be considered to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Paint Colour

The colour of the walls or the wallpaper is significant as it’s often a key component in the style of the room. Choosing a colour that the other person hates won’t win you any prizes, and neither will going against any suggestions that they have made. Sit down and work out what you both like. If you can’t agree, sticking with a neutral may seem boring but at least it will work and you can accessorize around it. You could come to an agreement by taking the colour and combining it – if they want yellow, for example, but you want a soft, muted colour, go for a pastel shade of the one that they have offered up.

Consulting a colour wheel will give you lots of options for how colours go together in different ways. Ask your local paint shop for help or go on-line and find a digital version.

Bedding Choice

The choice of bedding can say a lot about a couple. It’s not so much the design that you go for, but everything that is associated with it; how the duvet is folded, how many cushions you have on the bed, whether a throw is included – it could go on forever. Choosing a duvet cover that you can both agree on and that can be accessorized if needed is probably the way forward with this one. There are some great examples of neutral bedding at IKEA, and they will show you inspiring ways to create the bedroom design that suits you.


Boys like their toys, but girls do, too. Agree on what gadgets and technology you’re going to allow into your bedroom.Some people don’t want anything shutting themselves off from the new-age world as soon as they cross the bedroom threshold.While others prefer to do the majority of their relaxing in the bedroom. ShowBox is probably the best Netflix alternative out there if you wanted to consider downloading something for you both to watch from your bed. However, there are some things, like games consoles, which just don’t belong in good bedroom design. They belong downstairs to save you being kept up all night due to the addiction of needing to get to the next level.

bedroom design



Putting up photos of family and friends on both sides of the relationship can help establish a mutual space, but it’s not something that is often done in bedrooms. Instead, try and go for interests that you can merge; original movie posters are great ways to spruce up a room, and even artwork that you are both interested in can look fantastic side by side – even if they’re clashing!

Header image courtesy of Pottery Barn.

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