A beautiful kitchen is.. well… a beautiful kitchen to behold. There are few rooms that are as well used which is why it’s hailed as ‘the heart of the home’.

It’s the reason why home buyers place so much emphasis on a good kitchen. So it’s something you really want to get right; when family life is so busy, the last thing you need is a cramped or disorganized kitchen slowing you down. Here are a few benefits to investing in a beautiful kitchen.

A Beautiful Kitchen is Practical

Anyone that’s ever cooked in a small kitchen will tell you that it’s just not fun. With little storage space, everything you own is probably crammed in, stacked on top of, and crushed against other items. This clutter means it’s not easy to grab things when you need them. Without much counter space, it can be annoying cooking meals, especially when you’re preparing food for a family. Plus without a pantry or enough cupboard space, you’ll probably find yourself having to make more trips to the grocery store because you’re running out of food more often.

The right storage should work with the appliances you own, how you currently use your kitchen, and any future plans you may have. Overall, a bigger kitchen is far more practical if it’s the hub of the home and you entertain often. Consider knocking down a wall and re-designing the space. There are companies that offer a complete kitchen remodel, so there’s no hassle. You may find that a good designer can build in the butler’s pantry you’ve always wanted.

beautiful kitchen

Granite Transformations

A Beautiful Kitchen Has Bespoke Places for Appliances

A bigger kitchen with more cupboards and counter space gives you room for handy cookware and appliances that make your life easier in the kitchen. A lean grill pan or grilling machine to grill meat and vegetables. A slow cooker for those days when you can’t be bothered to slave over a hot stove. A food processor to quickly chop, grate and slice ingredients. And assorted kitchen gadgets you can’t live without. In smaller kitchens, you just don’t have the storage for everything you need.

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A Beautiful Kitchen Is Perfect for Entertaining

Just a couple of decades ago, entertaining at home was a lot different from now. The style was more formal, larger living and dining spaces were preferred, and kitchens tended to be smaller and enclosed. They were seen as more of a ‘backstage’ area, which is why home owners now like a butler’s pantry.

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Key Piece Interior Design

These days the entertaining style is far more casual. Guests sit in the kitchen, even helping the host to prepare the food. Less formal seating arrangements are fine, large kitchen islands with bar stools work well. So having a large kitchen allows you to entertain. You can chat to your guests as you cook, pour some wine, and an open space makes for a pleasant environment in which to relax. Retailers now have so many options for in-kitchen dining and entertaining so visit Zanui or Temple & Webster for beautiful alternatives.

beautiful kitchen


A Beautiful Kitchen Adds Value To Your Home

Finally, if all of the other points don’t have you sold, a great kitchen will always boost the value of a property. While kitchen remodeling is expensive, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll make your money back, plus more, if and when you come to sell your home. While your kitchen is personal to you, go with a design that’s going to appeal to others too. White or wooden units, granite or marble counters and white tiles are all classic and won’t go out of style. Avoid anything too trendy which probably won’t age well and is likely to look outdated in a few years.

Personalise the rest of your kitchen and tabletops with items that can be easily moved or replaced when you sell.

Home Styling and Decluttering

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