A beautiful bathroom is one of those delightful secrets exposed to guests only when they want to wash their hands or use the toilet. However, you don’t have to go to great expense to ensure you have the beautiful bathroom you desire.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a more beautiful bathroom, this easy guide can help you.

A Beautiful Bathroom Is Easy To Clean

Start by making your bathroom easy to clean. What materials and accessories can you incorporate that can easily be washed? Walls, tiles, chrome, lights, etc.

There’s nothing worse than a grimy looking bathroom. Who would want to get into a hot bubble bath if the bath looked brown and murky around the edges? You may need to invest in some new pieces, but hopefully you’ll simply be able to give your bathroom a deep clean. Think organic cleaning solutions with essentials oils added.

If you do have the budget to change some elements, make sure you choose materials that are really simple to wipe over and will deter dirt and grime in the long term.

beautiful bathroom

Image courtesy of Lisa Moyneur, Unsplash

Include Plants And Other Greenery

Just because this is your bathroom, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be including plants and other greenery. Include flowers and plants in your bathroom, using them as you would in any other room in your home.

Just make sure they can withstand water and steam, especially if your bathroom is small and gets quite steamy. You could always invest in fake plants and flowers if you wanted to!

beautiful bathroom

Come Up With Your Own Beautiful Color Scheme

Come up with a beautiful color scheme for your bathroom. Bright whites and neutrals are definitely popular, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule you have to stick to if you want a beautiful bathroom.

You can incorporate all kinds of colors. What will make you feel happiest, or most relaxed? Think of your favorite colors and how they make you feel so you can decide from there.

beautiful bathroom

Make Sure It Suits Your Lifestyle

Your bathroom should suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you know a wet room would be ideal for you, stop putting it off and contact a place like MLP Plumbing to help you to put a plan together.

Wet rooms can be expensive and take time to install, but they are more than worth it when you have your whole bathroom to play with – not to mention how easy it will be to clean!

Incorporate A Beautiful Tiled Wall

Having a beautiful tiled wall as a sort of ‘feature’ in your bathroom can help to bring it more personality than ever before. All you have to do is select tiles that you love or make a mosaic type pattern with them, and choose the right wall.

Use Big Mirrors

Big mirrors will reflect light and space around any bathroom, making it look larger and more luxurious. Make sure you have a large mirror above your vanity!

Vintage art frames are great for recycling into bathroom mirrors. Or buy lots of small circular mirrors from IKEA and create a mosaic of mirrors. Very arty.

beautiful bathroom

Abrazo Bath from Kohler

Focus On Quality Accessories

Having quality accessories in your bathroom will make all the difference; for example, super fluffy towels that you can roll up and display on a shelf.

A relatively inexpensive way to create a more beautiful bathroom is to replace the tap ware. Choose flashy chrome, luxury rose gold, elegant gold or edgy black.

How will you make your bathroom more beautiful?

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