A beautiful 2018 awaits in just a few hours. So why not take the time to make style decisions that will refresh your look… and your outlook.

For every New Years Resolution about saving money and losing weight, there’s someone resolving to overhaul their look for a beautiful 2018.

Taking time out to concentrate on beautifying yourself, changing your wardrobe choices and upgrading your skincare is probably the best way to spend your time before New Years Day.

2017 has been a massive year for beauty and fashion and that’s not going to change much in 2018. Making it your year to makeover your life is one thing, but including your look in that may take some work!

If you have been dressing the same way for years, change can seem daunting. The thing to remember is that all caterpillars who look the same transform into butterflies; delicate, intricately designed and light as a feather – which is how you will feel on the inside! So, how can you overhaul your look for a beautiful 2018 this New Year?

beautiful 2018

Beautiful 2018 Here I Come!


If you haven’t already got one in place, getting a good skincare regime in every day is going to change your life. The dewy look is in, and giving your skin a touch of sheen is going to transform the way your face shines every day.

Listen to our podcast with celebrity makeup artist Ant Adams who has worked with many international music and movie stars and whose work has graced many fashion magazine covers.

While you’re at it, look in the mirror at those eyebrows. It’s time to get them reshaped, waxed and if you are feeling brave, microbladed. Check out microblading here and decide if this could be your beauty bash for 2018.

beautiful 2018


Being in the same style of outfits day in and day out is boring. There’s really no other word for it. Doing some research on Fresh Soul Clothing is a good way to give your wardrobe the classy change it needs.

There’s no need to stick to flat shoes if you would like to learn to walk in Choo’s, so take a look at this video so that you can learn to walk that walk this year.

Listen to our podcasts with Australian fashion designers Gemma Sacassan and Carolyn Whitford. Or Italian swimwear designer, Enrica Volpi. And for stylish fashion over 40, you’ll love ageism warrior and fashion stylist Jacynth Bassett.

Don’t just shop in the places you’ve always shopped: go to new stores with different clothing fits and take a moment to step out of your comfort zone. Choose new things that you wouldn’t have tried before and learn to get comfortable!

beautiful 2018


They say that when you want to make a change, leave your hair alone. It’s a security blanket for most, so if you’re going to make a change to your hair, make it one you can tolerate.

Perhaps by starting with a colour change, then go from there with a cut. Don’t be too dramatic with it at first. If your hair is waist length and you want to have a pixie crop, do it gradually and go for a bob first!

Listen to our podcasts with award-winning hairstylists and colourists Cherie Falco and Alyse Santry from Australian Salon of The Year, Kinky Curly Straight.

Changing your look isn’t going to be an overnight job. Take your time and experiment with new colours of lipstick, new shades of hair dye and new perfumes. Your new look should be looked upon like a transformation.

There’s nothing better than emerging from that chrysalis an entirely new person with new confidence. Rock it, walk it and wear it well for a beautiful 2018.

beautiful 2018

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