Beach fashion and what to wear around the pool means different things to different people. Body shapes and levels of confidence vary so the following beach fashion tips can be personalised to suit YOU.

There are more good vibes in the summer than at any other time of year. So taking that feel good factor to the beach with cool beach fashion can be very enjoyable.

But then people worry about how they look and whether other people staring at them.

Really it shouldn’t matter as you will see all shapes and ages having fun. However, there are great beach fashion tips you can take to the seaside or just lounging around the pool.

Beach Fashion Tip #1: The Right Swimsuit

You should buy a swimsuit that flatters your shape, and you will see that is exactly what most plus size bathers do. Showing off your good bits, and hiding the not so good bits is the way to go.

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Then people get embarrassed at having to change on the beach. Wear your swimsuit under a lightweight cotton dress, that you can throw on again when you are leaving the beach. Even if your swimsuit is wet, the cotton dress will soon dry in the summer sun.

Another way is to buy a swimsuit that doubles as a top and then you can wear a skirt or shorts with it. This will have the same effect as the cotton dress and will do away with the worry of changing on the beach.

Beach Fashion Tip #2: Hair and Hats

Beaches often have a slight breeze and this can play havoc with long hair that is hanging loose. Do something simple with it, such as just tying it back or putting it in a soft bun, and your hair will stay looking good for longer.

Beach hats are not used enough, but as well as protecting your head from the sun, they can look really good as well. Big floppy ones will also stop your face from being burned, which is something we all want to avoid.

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A scarf can also be a useful fashion accessory on the beach. Not the woolly winter warmer type, but light and flimsy ones you can use as a bandana or a sarong.

Beach Fashion Tip #3: Footwear

There is no better time to get your feet out than on the beach. They spend so much time enclosed in shoes that for you to be wearing flip-flops or sandals can only be good for them.

Running barefoot through the sand can feel wonderful, and help to get rid of any hard skin. Just keep your eyes peeled though because not everyone takes care of where they leave their rubbish, and you do not want to injure your feet.

Beach Fashion Tip #4: Stick With Darker Colors

One of the problems with beaches is that they can be dirty, and if you are in white shorts, as an example, they could be ruined.

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Stick with darker colours, red, blues and greens. Then a stain from the beach will not be so much of an issue, and they may be wearable again.

Beach Fashion Tip #5: Fashion On The Beach

You should not expect to look the height of fashion when you are at the beach, but that does not mean you have to be drab either. You can make yourself look good and enjoy the experience, without having to spend hours getting ready.

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