The bathroom kitchen renovation aspects of a home are usually those that add the most individual value to a home; both for re-sale and for enjoyment.

Older residential houses are renovated usually to provide more comfort, to increase the value of the property, and to enhance of the longevity of beloved older homes. In any house, the kitchen and the bathroom undergo a lot of wear and tear due to their on-going use amd mix of electrical and plumbing. 

That’s why a bathroom kitchen renovation is usually required faster than the other rooms. Besides, bathroom and kitchen décor have evolved into an area which you use to freshen up your day. This is why bathroom and kitchen renovation works are increasingly being undertaken by homeowners these days.


Notable Advantages Obtained from a Bathroom Kitchen Renovation

  • Enhance Property Value – properties with a renovated bathroom and kitchen typically attract a higher resale value. As much as 25% could be added to the sale figure when the new owners know they have modern and up-dated features with a bathroom kitchen renovation.
  • Ensure Safety of the Users – ongoing maintenance and upgrading ensures a safe environment with accidents less likely to occur. If not maintained properly, broken tiles, slippery floors, and even sharp corners can be places for accidents.
  • Make Energy Efficient Home – When the appliances and fixtures of a bathroom kitchen renovation are replaced with the latest energy efficient models homeowners can expect to save money on utility bills. Regular maintenance of the faucets, showers and other important water based fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms can help in reducing water wastage. These bathroom and kitchen renovation services make the house very environment friendly in nature, by saving both energy and water.


bathroom kitchen renovation


  • Create More Space – The small kitchens and bathrooms of modern apartments can be made more spacious by changing the functional designs of these rooms or by adding extra storage spaces there. The addition of more cabinets or shelves in the kitchen counters or in the bathrooms can provide much more spaces for storing various toiletries thus making it more comfortable to you; no more running to the store room when your shampoo bottle goes dry.
  • Render Absolute Comfort – It is very comfortable to cook and serve the meals in a well renovated kitchen that is provided with better ventilation, arrangements of brighter natural and electric lights, faster working kitchen appliances and even provision of extra dining seats around the kitchen island, if there is separate dining space.  Likewise, the renovated bathroom is an enjoyable place that is more refreshing with new tiles, showers and faucets, moderate sized bathtubs and strong rails for keeping the towels and bathrobes.
  • Give a Whole New Look – The total appearance of a kitchen can be changed by adding storage cabinets or replacing the worn-out countertops or by changing the broken tiles of the floor and backsplash, rather than only painting the kitchen walls and cabinet doors. The bathroom can be rendered totally new appearance with the installation of fresh sinks, stylish toilet seats, Jacuzzi bathtub and, as well as modern design of lighting fixture.


bathroom kitchen renovation


The best bathroom kitchen renovation is that undertaken at regular intervals, to keep renovations in absolutely functional conditions and to ensure the comfort of the residents of the houses.

So, it is best to hire a competent local remodelling contractor to get all the necessary renovation works done in the kitchen or bathroom. You can browse the net to get ideas as well as consult with contractors to improve on your ideas. Come to a realistic picture after a discussion taking into account the budget you have earmarked for the renovation.

bathroom kitchen renovation

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